Intel® Network Builders University Member Benefits

The Intel Network Builders University, with a wealth of training content on key Intel technologies, pertinent presentations on industry trends, and the technical aspects of NFV deployments, delivers a combination of virtual training modules and face-face technical trainings. This dual-delivery approach supports distance learning and outreach to our global community through an easy-to-use website. It also fosters much-needed peer-to-peer engagement through in-person, hands-on workshops and technical webinars. Network Builders University is available to the general public (University), though Network Builder Partners (Partner) receive additional benefits noted below.

Access to Technical Training
Ability to Gauge Understanding by Taking a Short Quiz
Industry Standards Based Training
Access to Intel NDA Content
Early Access to Technical Training
Customized Course Offering
Face to Face Training at Intel Network Builder Events
Early Registration to Events and Training
Networking with Technical Professionals