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Program Overview

The Security program provides overviews of multiple security focused hardware and software technologies from Intel and the open source community. The first course provides an overview of Cryptography, and it’s importance throughout history in addition to its impact in our digital world today.

This course provides a general overview of cryptography and its impact on the modern world as well as throughout history. In this course you’ll also gain a better understanding of where cryptography is being leveraged to enhance your security and privacy online.

In this course, Intel Segment Manager for Network Security and Applications, Sab Gosal, provides an overview of the open source pattering matching software Hyperscan. Details are also provided on the possible use cases of this versatile software.

In this course, Carlos Rubio-Medrano, Ph.D., discusses cybersecurity and its basic concepts. He then examines the components of cybersecurity, specific threats and provides an overview of cybersecurity policy.

In this course, Carlos Rubio-Medrano, Ph.D., provides an overview of cybersecurity authorization and the access control models of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).

In this course Dr. Adam Doupé, presents an overview of Cybersecurity and Internet Protocol.

In this course professor, Dr. Adam Doupé discusses research into blockchain, phone scams and fraud.

In this course, Bill Carlson, Solutions Architect at Intel, addresses the basic concerns that communications service providers have in cybersecurity and introduces Intel’s data center security strategy and technologies roadmap.

In this course, Bill Carlson, Solutions Architect at Intel, discusses the three pillars of Intel Security Technologies:  Securing the Platform, Protecting the Data and Securing Workloads. 

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