What's New?

What's New?

Intel® Storage Builders now has 100+ partners!

The Intel® Storage Builders program continues to grow rapidly. This month, the Intel® Storage Builders program passed a significant milestone and welcomed our 100th member company into our ecosystem.

To see all our ecosystem members, visit our Ecosystem Partners Page.

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Welcome Our New Ecosystem Partners

We are pleased to welcome 12 new members who have recently joined the Intel® Storage Builders program. Program membership connects you to Intel technologies to drive first-in-market solutions, a rich ecosystem for strategic matchmaking, and Intel go-to-market channels in which to spotlight your solutions. Discover new opportunities to showcase your company and solidify your place as a storage leader and innovator.

Please help us welcome the following new members:

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Intel® Storage Builders Summit Israel 2016

Intel Israel hosted its first Storage Builders Summit in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, September 21st. The agenda included a keynote address on "Intel Data Center Storage & NVM Strategy" by Bill Leszinske, VP, Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Intel NVM Solutions Group. Tal Rotem, Storage Segment Manager, Intel Sales and Marketing Group presented "Intel Technologies for Storage", Mark Rostick, Senior Investment Director, Intel Capital presented an "Overview of the Storage Market", Ysela Bergquist, Storage Builders Marketing Manager provided an "Overview of the Storage Builders Program", and Behnam Eliyohu, NVM Technical Solutions Specialist, Intel NVM Solutions Group closed the event with an "Expert Talk: Optimize DB Workloads with 3D XPoint and Demo".

This was a great networking and educational event with 5 new companies inquiring about joining the Intel® Storage Builders program. Intel and the Israel Storage ecosystem partnership was evident, the future is exciting with the Start Up Nation.

Intel Storage Builders Summit Israel 2016

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Intel® Storage Builders Summit Day Zero at VMworld 2016

Intel® Storage Builders successfully hosted an Executive Summit coinciding with VMworld in Las Vegas. This event drove partner collaborations and accelerated broad ecosystem innovation towards optimized solution delivery aimed at specific customer use cases within the cloud and storage marketplace.

Intel Storage Builders Summit Day Zero at VMworld 2016

The day's agenda included a keynote address from Intel executive Jonathan Donaldson entitled "The Future of the Data Center is Software Defined." Jerry Breaud, Director, Compliance and Cyber Risk Solutions, VMware took the stage to spend a few minutes discussing how to Enable Secure and Compliant Clouds Center of Excellence. In addition we featured a lively ecosystem panel discussion on "Virtualizing Storage on the Next Generation Storage Platforms" with EMC, Microsoft, Maxta, Simplivity and VMware with Shawna Meyer-Ravelli, Director, Storage Builders Program, Intel as moderator. In addition an open forum discussion was led by Stephen Foskett, Organizer in Chief at Tech Field Days as our guest moderator.

Intel Storage Builders Summit Day Zero at VMworld 2016

Two Intel presentations with James Myers, Director, NVM Solutions Architecture, Intel & Russ Fellows, Evaluator Group and Michael Mesnier, Principal Engineer in Intel Labs with Murali Rajagopal, VMware—plus an end-of-day meet-up with networking opportunities.

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Intel® Builders Summit at IDF Fall 2016

Intel® Builders hosted a collaborative event delivering a variety of keynotes, panel discussions and partner presentations across two main tracks: Orchestration and Solution Optimization.

More than 250 members were in attendance enjoying a robust agenda which covered top of mind topics such as the security challenges data centers are facing today, as well as a look into what is possible when a vibrant ecosystem of partners work together towards the acceleration and delivery of open, flexible and virtualized solutions. There were a total of 12 partner presentations featuring ecosystem voices from across all Builders programs, 4 lively panel discussions, as well as 2 end user presentations from Verizon and Netflix. Visit the Intel® Storage Builders event page to access event presentations and session videos.

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Technical Spotlight

Technical Spotlight

Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) 16.12V

The 16.12v of SPDK will release the user space NVMe-oF Initiator under the same BSD license terms and using the same latency-intolerant architectural properties of the rest of SPDK. This is coupled with full support for virtual NVMe-oF devices on the target side, meaning the SPDK NVMe-oF target will support any SPDK block device as a NVMe over Fabrics target. The side effect is that adding virtual NVMe-oF support allows developers to use the existing SPDK block device abstraction to build differentiating features for their storage target.

Some of the key features are listed below:

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Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Libraries (ISA-L) 2.17V

The 2.17v will be releasing a completely updated DEFLATE (gzip) compatible compression library & a compatible decompression library. These offer some huge advantages compared to existing zlib implementations, including 6X zlib compression throughput (equivalent to LZO and LZ4) and 2X decompression throughput. These are huge improvements poised to shake up the compression landscape in storage and beyond.

Some of the key features are listed below:

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Partner News & Collaboration

Partner Collaboration and Updates

Thanks for Attending Our Events

The Storage Builders team would like to thank our membership for their participation through speakerships, demo opportunities, and networking engagements at industry events. Below is a recap of our activities. Thank you for joining us!

SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2016

The SDC was held in Santa Clara, CA on September 19-22nd. The conference is a technical industry event designed for a variety of storage technologists at various levels from developers to architects to product managers and more. Carol Wilder, Strategic Planning/Memory & Storage Data Center Group, Intel with co-presenter Niels Reimer, Strategic Planner, NVM Solutions Group, Intel offered a keynote titled, The Future of Data Center Storage. Intel also hosted a table demo where Jonathan Stern, Software Apps Engineer, Data Center Engineering Group discussed Silicon Photonics & NVMe Over Fabrics. As a platinum sponsor Intel's presence was felt throughout the conference accounting for 14 of the 100 sessions spanning topics including file systems, performance, persistent memory, object storage, storage architecture and much more. Intel® Storage Builders hosted a networking mixer where attendees were able to enjoy an evening full of networking and leveraging co-branded business opportunities.



NetApp Insight Conference 2016

Bringing together storage and data management professionals NetApp Insight 2016 was held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, September 26-29th in Las Vegas, NV. This annual technical conference gives customers, engineers, consultants and partners a forum for learning from the industry experts and each other. The event hosted approximately 6,000 attendees across the industry who had the opportunity to stop by the Intel Recharge Lounge to recharge their devices and recharge themselves with an expresso beverage. In addition, Intel sponsored a Developer Café which allowed networking opportunities for developers, startups, partners and industry thought leaders to engage in conversation centered on building great apps.



Intel® Storage Builders Partner Placards--Now Available!

Intel Storage Builders Partner Placards--Now Available!Intel® Storage Builder Partners now have access to a placard that can be displayed at events or in your office to showcase your membership in the program. The placard can sit on a table or be placed on a wall. To order your placard, please contact Deborah Zwerling at deborah.a.zwerling@intel.com

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Intel® Storage Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library houses storage related content from our member community. It offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs to help build and enhance your storage solutions. Content is searchable by member name and using key storage industry terms. Currently there are 40+ pieces of collateral.

Visit the Solutions Library to stay up to date with current and future content.

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Featured Partner Publications

Better VDI with Atlantis and Intel | Download the PDF

This co-branded solution brief communicates how software-defined storage based on Atlantis USX and server hardware based on Intel® architecture combine to enable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers an excellent user experience. The solution helps businesses simplify administration, improve storage utilization, raise productivity, and lower costs. Together, technologies from Atlantis and Intel deliver on the promise of VDI by taking full advantage of existing storage resources to provide a better user experience and deliver maximum benefit to the business.



Software Defined Storage for Media and Broadcasting Industry in China | Download the PDF

Today's media and broadcasting industry in China needs a new storage architecture – one that can accommodate traditional IT infrastructure, while meeting the needs for digital content growth, new applications, and user requirements. This solution brief communicates how the China Media and Broadcasting industry leverages Bigtera VirtualStor™ for Simplicity and Streamlining Business Processes.



DataON and Intel Maximize IOPs Performance | Download the PDF

This solution brief describes how the DataON Next-Generation All Flash-Based Hyper-Converged Storage Cluster Appliances Leverage Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family and NVMe-Based SSDs. DataON is introducing their S2D-3000 family of purpose-built hyper-converged storage cluster appliance (HCSA) for S2D deployments, which is designed for Windows Server enterprise, private, hybrid and Azure* public cloud workloads.

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Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit the Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community have included the following:

Video: The Magnum Opus – Composing the Optimal Cloud Solution with Intel® Builders

During the Intel® Builders Executive Summit, Presenter Jake Smith, Director of Data Center Solutions and Technologies at Intel provided insight into key trends within the industry. In addition, attendees enjoyed an overview of the Builders Innovation Fund, Modernization Storage, and more. – Watch Now

Podcast: Intel Chip Chat Live Conversations in the Cloud – Intel® Storages Builders Summit

In this special live broadcast, Chip Chat: Conversations in the Cloud introduces listeners to luminaries from the world of cloud computing and cloud storage, always keeping you up to date on the latest happenings and announcements – Listen Now

Webcast: Top Your Data Center Storage Tiers with NVMe

In this webinar, you'll learn when and why you should accelerate your hot data by placing NVMe in the 1st tier of your data center storage. Charlie Fei, Product Manager at AIC introduces some unique NVMe server solutions designed and manufactured by AIC, while explaining the benefits of NVMe storage and also provide an overview of storage tiers. – Watch On Demand

Webcast: Scaling Flash Storage with Kaminario and Intel

Presenter Shai Maskit, Director of Technical Marketing explain that the Kaminario K2 all-flash array has the unique ability called Perpetual Array to scale, both up and out, and mix & match storage media and controllers. – Watch On Demand

Webcast: StarWind Hyper Converged Appliance – Intel Powered Ultra- Performance

Get a first-hand look into utilizing StarWind Hyper Converged Appliance, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family and Intel® SSD Data Center Family. This pairing will allow you to reap the benefits of NVMe over Fabrics resulting in amazing performance. – Watch On Demand

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