What's New?

What's New?

Welcome New Intel Storage Builders members

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Intel® Storage Builders program. Program membership connects you to Intel technologies to drive time-to-market solutions, a rich ecosystem for strategic matchmaking, and Intel go-to-market channels in which to spotlight your solutions. Get to know these members and more by visiting their individual microsites posted on our membership page , as well as technical papers published in Solutions Library.

  • Lightbits Labs
  • Packet
  • Storidge, Inc.

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Intel Builders Developer Summit

Join us April 19-20, 2017 for technical presentations and interactive discussions with cloud and storage architects and engineers to discuss their work with data center technologies and contributions to the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK). Session topics include SPDK File Semantics (Blobstore), KVM/QEMU I/O Efficiency, User Space NVMe-oF Target/Host Solutions, as well as sessions presented by developers building real-world SPDK applications. The second day will include additional technical sessions on adjacent software technologies.

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Intel® Builders Construction Zone

The Intel® Builders Construction Zone offers access to a variety of lab resources featuring the latest Intel data center products and technologies, providing Intel Storage Builders members an environment to tune and optimize their solutions. This workspace allows members to test solution performance against the latest Intel technologies, or to develop precise configuration recipes using custom boards, BIOS, Firmware, OS and libraries. Submit a proposal for lab space here.


Intel Storage Builders University

Intel Storage Builders University

The Intel Storage Builders University is designed to assist technical professionals in understanding and implementing storage solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers. Explore the latest storage topics including Intel® Solid State Drives, SPDK, ISA-L, Intel® CAS, new storage architectures and industry trends with Intel Storage Builders University training materials.

Featured Classes from Intel Storage Builders University

Storage 101

In this course, Mark W. Henderson, Intel Storage Technology Marketing Engineer, provides a foundational understanding of storage terminology, architectures, and features.

Storage 102

Building on the Storage 101 course, Mark W. Henderson, Intel Storage Technology Marketing Engineer, continues the exploration of current storage architecture and features common to Data Center deployments.

Storage Modernization

In this video, Mark W. Henderson, Intel Storage Technology Marketing Engineer, explores key components of storage modernization and highlights why modernization is essential to address growing amounts of data and ever changing environments.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Featured Collaboration – Cloudian and Dentsu

This Case Study by Cloudian, Dentsu, and Intel highlights how Deep Learning Enables Intelligent Billboard for Dynamic, Targeted Advertising on Tokyo Expressway. The "DeepAd project" tested an innovative digital billboard dynamic content system in Tokyo recently. DeepAd used Artificial Intelligence combined with the Internet of Things and Big Data to detect and identify cars—with 94 percent accuracy—on one of Japan's busy expressways. The system then selected and displayed content based on the types of cars.



Intel Storage Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library houses storage related content from our member community. It offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs to help build and enhance your storage solutions.

Visit the Solutions Library to search the more than 50 pieces of technical collateral currently available.

Featured Publications from the Storage Builders Solutions Library

This solution brief by NetApp discusses merging enterprise applications with Docker* Container technology to enable scale-out solutions for a changing world. | Download the PDF

OSNEXUS and Intel enable hyperscale storage for the enterprise. QuantaStor Software-DEFINED Storage is designed to scale up and not out to make storage management easy, while reducing overall enterprise storage costs. | Download the PDF

This solution brief discusses the Promise Surveillance Cloud infrastructure, with Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® Core™ Processors. This comprehensive cloud solution offers service providers a reliable, highly-efficient, integrated, non-stop, and dynamic surveillance cloud solution to meet the needs of the VSaaS market. | Download the PDF

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Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit the Storage Builders Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community include the following:

Podcast: Seagate and Intel Accelerate Enterprise-Class Productivity

Don Grabski, Director of Product Management for Seagate, talks about how Seagate technology incorporates Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software, into its market-leading ClusterStor® storage architecture for high-performance computing (HPC). – Listen now

Podcast: ClearSky Drives Flash Performance and Cloud Elasticity for Data Access Anywhere

Marc Keating, Director of Technology and Alliance Strategy at ClearSky, joins this podcast to chat about ClearSky's latest development in on-demand primary storage. – Listen now

Podcast: Carestream Utilizes Intel Technologies to Move Healthcare Industry Forward

In this podcast, Ishai Tal, Head of Platform and Cloud Architecture at Carestream Health, discusses next generation medical imaging data and analytics over the cloud, using NVMe technologies. – Listen now

Webinar: Practical Ways to Achieve 260% ROI for Your Cloud

This webinar with Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage and Robert Jenkins, CEO CloudSigma, shares practical advice for people building or managing private/public clouds on how to improve ROI. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Power Data-Driven Growth with Hybrid Cloud

In this webinar you will learn how to power data-driven growth for your organization by effectively leveraging the opportunities offered by hybrid cloud, as well as how to connect cloud environments through a data fabric with Ingo Fuchs, Senior Manager Hybrid Cloud, NetApp. – Watch on demand

Under the Hood Video: Enabling Next Generation Storage with NVMe Over Fabrics

Jonathan Stern, Storage Solutions Architect at Intel, discusses how Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) over Fabrics tremendously increases storage performance and scalability in the data center. – Watch Now

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