What's New?

What's New?

Save the Date – Intel® Builders Developer Summit

Join us in Portland, Oregon on September 7 for the Intel Builders Developer Summit. Get deep dive training on topics across the data center including storage, cloud, networking, and fabric technology. Detailed agenda and registration details will be shared soon!



More Speed, Less Cost

Intel® 3D NAND SSDs offer greater performance, reliability and densities than hard disk drives making data center modernization pay off for you and your customers. Learn more in this CRN article.



Welcome New Intel Storage Builders Members

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Intel® Storage Builders program. Get to know these members and more by visiting their individual microsites posted on our membership page, as well as technical papers published in Solutions Library.

  • Datrium
  • Equus Compute Solutions
  • RackTop Systems
  • Vexata Inc.

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Intel Storage Builders University

Intel Storage Builders University

The Intel Storage Builders University is designed to assist technical professionals in understanding and implementing storage solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers. Explore the latest storage topics including Intel® Solid State Drives, SPDK, ISA-L, Intel® CAS, new storage architectures and industry trends with Intel Storage Builders University training materials.

Featured Classes from Intel Storage Builders University

Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK)

In this course, John Kariuki, Storage Applications Engineer, provides an overview of the Storage Performance Development Kit, covering the problem that it addresses, licensing, H/W and OS Support.

Storage Modernization

Modernizing and building intelligence into your storage infrastructure using solutions with Intel® technology optimized for software-defined storage helps enterprise IT, Cloud Service Providers, and end users gain the foundation to become more agile, expand their service capabilities, and drive innovation across their business. This class explores key components of storage modernization, why it's essential and provides examples of the implementation of storage modernization.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Featured Collaboration – GigaSpaces and Intel

Speed Up Analysis with GigaSpaces® In-Memory Computing Solutions and Intel Intel® SSD DC P3700 Series for PCIe*

GigaSpaces is able to show that GigaSpaces XAP In-Memory Data Grid coupled with Intel SSD DC P3700 Series enables organizations to significantly accelerate the speed of an in-memory data grid with low latency. | Download the PDF



Intel Storage Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs from our member community to help accelerate building and enhancing cloud infrastructure deployments. Visit the Solutions Library to search technical collateral currently available.

Featured Publications from the Storage Builders Solutions Library

Intel® Select Solutions for VMware vSAN

Intel Select Solutions provide proven performance on verified infrastructure. | Download the PDF

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Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit the Storage Builders Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community include the following:

Blog: Data Center Design Based on Intel® Rack Scale Design and 99Cloud Animbus® OpenStack Cloud OS Delivers Flexible, Cost-Effective Open Cloud Solution

This blog describes how to build a next-generation data center based on Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) and OpenStack-based Animbus® Cloud OS, to create a flexible, manageable, and economical open cloud solution. – Read now

Blog: Innovating for the Future: NetApp and Intel Build on Common Values

NetApp and Intel are stretching the limits of what our technologies can do, and we're developing amazing solutions for clients around the world that are tackling some of today's most pressing issues with storage solutions that we develop, test, and refine together. – Read now

Blog: Storage Spaces Direct on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

This blog reviews Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct on Intel's latest hardware, which includes a new processor family, Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, an iWARP RDMA network adapter with the integrated Intel® Ethernet Connection X722, and Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drives. – Read now

Blog: Faster, Denser, Better - Redefining Low Latency at Scale

On July 11th, Intel® launched its much awaited Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform – a technology we believe will change the way systems will be engineered and sold. Combine that with market leading software-defined infrastructure from Nutanix and what will you have – an Enterprise Cloud Platform on steroids. – Read now

Podcast: Is Latency the Key to Storage?

In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud, Boyan Krosnov, Chief of Products and Co-Founder of StorPool, joins us to talk about the storage landscape and the difference between capacity-driven and latency-driven storage systems. StorPool has been using a wide array of Intel products in its storage systems delivering low-latency and high performance. – Listen now

Podcast: Reduxio Discusses a Big Leap Forward in Storage Architecture

Jacob Cherian, VP of Product Management and Strategy at Reduxio, joins us on Conversations in the Cloud to talk about Reduxio's approach to storage architecture and how they are making data the “center” of that architecture. Jacob talks about how Reduxio delivers flash storage solutions, based on the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 family, that allows administrators to go back in time and recover data from any point in the past at one second granularity. – Listen now

Podcast: Intel® Select Solutions for Windows Server 2016

Claus Jorgensen, Principal Program Engineer at Microsoft joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss Microsoft's participation in the Intel® Optane™ technology launch, as well as their collaboration on Intel® Select Solutions for Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI). Microsoft is taking advantage of various new technologies announced with the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, like Intel® Optane™ SSDs, Intel® AVX-512, and Intel® Integrated Ethernet featuring RMDA for high data throughout. – Listen now

Podcast: VMware vSAN: Driving Innovation with Intel® Select Solutions

Richard Brunner, Principal Engineer and VP of Server Platform Technology at VMware, joins Conversations in the Cloud to discuss the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and how VMware is collaborating with Intel to deliver new data center solutions, based on the new processor capabilities. VMware will be taking advantage of Intel® Volume Management Device (Intel® VMD), which will improve manageability and serviceability for NVMe devices. Intel VMD will be supported on vSAN as well as vSphere, with Intel® Optane™ SSDs. – Listen now

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