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What's New?

Happy holidays from the Intel Storage Builders team! Wishing all a successful 2018!



Intel Select Solutions

Intel Select Solutions are verified solutions configurations that are aimed to speed selection and deployment of data center and communications network infrastructure. Based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the solutions are developed from deep Intel experience with industry solution providers, as well as extensive collaboration with the world's leading data center and service providers. Read the solution briefs.



Welcome New Intel Storage Builders Members

We are pleased to welcome new members to the Intel® Storage Builders program. Get to know these members and more by visiting their individual microsites posted on our membership page, as well as technical papers published in Solutions Library.

  • Aclectic Systems Inc.
  • Acronis
  • Aparna Systems, Inc.
  • Minio, Inc.
  • Rausch Netzwerktechnik GmbH
  • TaoCloud
  • Tata Consultancy Services

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Intel Storage Builders University

Intel Storage Builders University

The Intel Storage Builders University is designed to assist technical professionals in understanding and implementing storage solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers. Explore the latest storage topics including Intel® Solid State Drives, SPDK, ISA-L, Intel® CAS, new storage architectures and industry trends with Intel Storage Builders University training materials.

Featured Classes from Intel Storage Builders University

Software Defined Storage 101

This course provides an overview of traditional storage architecture, including key concepts and features of a storage system. In addition, the services driving storage transformation are shared and core offerings of software defined storage are explored.

Software Defined Storage 201

This course provides a conversation guide while embarking on the journey of storage modernization. Key considerations, when making storage architectural and purchasing decisions are shared. In addition, specific examples of solution deployments and capabilities are reviewed.

Ceph Fundamentals

Explore a foundational understanding of Ceph, the problem it addresses, features and use case examples.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Featured Collaboration

Intel® Select Solutions for Windows Server* Software Defined Storage

Intel Select Solutions for Windows Server Software Defined Storage provide optimized performance on a fully tested stack—from the servers, CPU, memory, and storage to the firmware and software. That enables businesses to migrate to a hyperconverged infrastructure solution without spending weeks on researching and testing.

Deploying Red Hat OpenShift* Container Platform 3.6 with Container-Native Storage

Intel collaborated with Red Hat on a reference architecture (RA) that will show you how to prepare, provision, deploy, and manage a Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform 3.6–based private cloud environment with additional container-native storage solutions.



Intel Storage Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library houses storage related content from our member community. It offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs to help build and enhance your storage solutions.
Visit the Solutions Library to search the more than 50 pieces of technical collateral currently available.

Create a Flexible, Scalable, high-Performance Storage Cluster with WekaIO Matrix – WekaIO

Learn how WekaIO Matrix Shared Accelerated Storage is designed to create a flexible, scalable, high-performance storage system that leverages existing infrastructure of industry-standard servers for low TCO. Matrix can be deployed as part of a hyper-converged cluster or a dedicated high-performance storage resource.

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Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit the Storage Builders Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community include the following:

Podcast: Enhancing Storage Scalability and Performance with SUSE and Intel

Sanjeet Singh, Director of Storage Solutions at SUSE discusses the recent release of SUSE Enterprise Storage 5. Sanjeet illustrates how legacy storage products have reached a bottleneck and are unable to scale to meet rapidly growing amounts of data. He discusses how SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software defined storage product that enables customers to tune their data center storage to their exact individual workload needs, significantly reducing cost and providing unlimited scalability. – Listen now

Podcast: Shared Ceph Data Lake for Hadoop/Spark Clusters Accelerated by Intel

Brent Compton, Senior Director of Storage Solution Architectures at Red Hat, and Brien Porter, Senior Program Manager for Storage Solutions at Intel, discuss software defined storage solutions for enterprises. Brien and Brent talk about their focus on making Spark, Hadoop, and Ceph work better on Intel hardware and helping enterprises scale efficiently. – Listen now

Podcast: How E8 Storage is Accelerating Cloud Based Services with Intel

Julie Herd, Director of Technical Marketing at E8 Storage, highlights the storage performance E8 Storage is delivering with the Intel® SSD Data Center Family with NVM Express* (NVMe*). Julie discusses how E8 Storage built a new architecture specifically for Intel SSDs with NVMe, which allows them to deliver extremely high flash storage performance to cloud service providers, while remaining reliable and available. – Listen now

Podcast: Build a Self-Driving Storage Infrastructure with ProphetStor

Brian Huang, Senior Director of ProphetStor, discusses ProphetStor's advancements in self-driving storage infrastructure technology. ProphetStor recently announced their new product called datacenter.ai, which is an AI product that can be used to predict disk failure and storage server performance. Brian explains the benefits of a more agile, automated, and intelligent storage infrastructure, and how both enterprise and cloud services data centers can utilize this technology. – Listen now

Podcast: Maxta: The Power of Hyperconvergence Software

Arjun Narang, Product Manager at Maxta, joins this episode of Conversations in the Cloud to discuss Maxta's hyperconvergence software. Maxta is a software company that unites compute and storage devices, with a VM-centric focus. Arjun explains the benefits of software and VM-centric hyperconvergence and how Maxta is taking advantage of the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform and has seen a significant improvement in performance. – Listen now

Webinar: Top Your Data Center Storage Tiers with NVMe

Charlie Fei, Product Manager discusses when and why you should accelerate your hot data by placing NVMe in the 1st tier of your data center storage. Charlie introduces some unique NVMe server solutions designed and manufactured by AIC, explain the benefits of NVMe storage and also provide an overview of storage tiers. – Watch on demand

Webinar: StarWind HyperConverged Appliance: Intel-powered Ultra-Performance

Get a first-hand look into how utilizing StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family and Intel SSD Data Center Family. This pairing will allow you to reap the benefits of NVMe over Fabrics, resulting in amazing performance. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Kaminario's Perpetual Array Facilitates Adoption of New Intel Technology

The Kaminario K2 all-flash array has the unique ability, called Perpetual Array, to scale, both up and out, and mix & match storage media and controllers. With Intel driving new CPU technologies and introducing new types of storage media such as 3DXpoint, Kaminario’s Perpetual Array allows the adoption of Intel’s innovation. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Real World Guidance for Implementing VMware Virtual SAN on NVMe

VMware's Virtual SAN 6.2 adds new capabilities that dramatically change the value of hyper-converged infrastructure for broad scale deployment. If you are considering hyper converged infrastructure, learn more from Intel and Supermicro engineers on best design practices for Virtual SAN in an All-Flash NVMe from pre-configured and pre-certified Ready Nodes to certified components that can be leveraged to design your own system for varying workload requirements. – Watch on demand

Webinar: How Zadara Storage keeps You Agile in Uncertain Times

In times of uncertainty, it is vital to be flexible and agile to adapt to unexpected changes in your requirements. Having the ability to respond to both increases and decreases in IT requirements - without breaking your budget will determine who succeeds and who doesn't. Learn from Bob Sarubbi and Doug Jury of Zadara Storage how you can implement an “immortal storage solution” with the flexibility, scalability, and agility of the cloud while enjoying economics of pay-as-you-go Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS). – Watch on demand

Webinar: Decoupling Storage from Compute in Apache Hadoop with Ceph

Intel and QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) partnered to create a block storage solution that delivers multi-tenancy, workload flexibility, and massive scalability utilizing Ceph. Using a Hadoop workload, Ceph was optimized to provide backend storage solution. To provide the performance needed to disaggregate Hadoop storage, a hybrid deployment of Intel Solid State Drives with NVMe and HDDs where performance is optimized with Intel® Cache Acceleration Software. – Watch on demand

Webinar: True Enterprise Class Centralized NVMe Storage from E8 Storage

E8 Storage recently announced their centralized NVMe storage solution, the E8 D24, using Intel dual-ported SSDs. E8 Storage is the first vendor to bring to the market a true enterprise class centralized storage array using dual-ported Intel drives. This solution provides amazing performance (up to 10M IOPS in a 2U form factor) and Enterprise class storage features such as controller and path failover (made possible by using Intel dual-ported SSDs). – Watch on demand

Webinar: Intel NVMe SSD supercharges Windows Server 2016 Hyper-Converged

DataON and Intel maximize the performance of Windows Server 2016 thanks to Intel's NVMe SSD and DataON's Hyper-Converged Cluster Appliance platform. NVMe SSD based storage offers 3X read and 1.5X write performance when compared to traditional SSDs, making it an innovative choice for those looking to push the bounds of their data centers. Intel's latest enterprise NVMe SSD offering empowers high IO performance for EVGA's IOP intensive enterprise applications demanding in-memory applications. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Flexible Offering of Enterprise Software-Defined Solutions

The webinar will discuss what Supermicro-Nexenta has to offer in the software defined storage space, all of the Nexenta software features, Supermicro total solutions and services, as well as successful use cases with actual customers. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Application I/O Analytics and Optimization

As data centers are often managed by multiple teams, it becomes difficult to determine which team is responsible for certain issues or areas of improvement and thus makes it easy to always blame the other team. Recognizing the need for I/O visibility in the data center, DATAGRES created PerfAccel. As a software-only solution that is installed on the individual application servers, it is fully aware of each and every I/O that occurs from the application servers all the way back to the storage servers and can accelerate application performance with dynamic data placement at the same time. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Flash for All, Bottlenecks for None

Enterprises are widely adopting hyperconverged infrastructure to transform the way they deliver IT services. At the same time, with dropping prices and increasing storage density, we've reached an inflection point that is transforming decisions around all-flash deployments as well Nutanix discusses migrating your mission-critical applications to run on bare-metal or virtualized Oracle and SQL Server to a scale-out all-flash hyperconverged platform. With emerging technologies such as NVMe and 3D XPoint coming into the market, this session will dig into the new realities for enterprise datacenters and ways to deploy flash. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Maximize Microsoft Storage Performance on All-NVMe Next Gen Infrastructure

How can All-Flash NVMe systems address your storage challenges? Get the latest details on the emerging All-Flash products and technologies from Supermicro and Intel. See the configurations and performance details for leading software defined storage solutions from Microsoft on All-Flash NVMe accelerated platforms. Learn how to work with Supermicro and Intel on a custom assessment or proof of concept of All-Flash NVMe Next Generation systems. – Watch on demand

Webinar: Turn your Data Center into your very Own Public Cloud

Companies are actively looking to transform their highly virtualized data center into a dynamic on-premise private cloud that offers the same benefits as the public cloud. Today's dedicated infrastructure offerings fail to address the growing demands and higher service levels needed for today's applications. They lack the advanced capabilities like elastic scale, flexibility, management automation, and usage-based tracking to deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS) for their tenants. In this Webinar, Coho Data discusses how a modern dynamic data center necessitates the need for a modern software-defined infrastructure. – Watch on demand

Blog: Software Defined Storage: A Pillar of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Virtuozzo details how adopting software-defined storage (SDS) as part of a hyperconverged infrastructure solution enables the aggregation of resources, allowing enterprises to meet dynamically changing application workloads. – Read now

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