What's New?

What's New?

Welcome to the New Intel® Data Center Builders!

As we look to the future of the Intel® Builders programs and the expanding array of technologies we optimize and promote, we have decided to make some changes to better reflect a more cohesive program structure. The Intel Data Center Builders program includes all members of Intel Cloud Builders, Intel Fabric Builders, and Intel Storage Builders. In the coming months, you will also notice the program expanding to showcase a broader selection of cross-data center technologies and solutions. Our related Intel Builders programs, Intel® Network Builders and the new Intel® AI Builders, have not changed. Let us know if you have any questions about the new program!



Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) Summit

The 2018 SPDK Summit will be held May 15th-16th in San Jose, CA. Meet with other SPDK community members and listen to a series of talks from SPDK users and developers. The second day of the event will be just for developers and will include a hands-on lab, as well as dedicated time for active contributors to tackle design issues and discuss future advancements. More information and registration.


Intel Data Center Builders University

Intel Data Center Builders University

The Intel Data Center Builders University is designed to assist technical professionals in understanding and implementing solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers.

Featured Classes

Introduction to Persistent Memory

Learn the primary attributes of Persistent Memory, what separates Persistent Memory from traditional storage and DRAM, Intel® 3D XPoint™ and Intel® Optane™ technology, and tiers of data placement.

Intel® Select Solutions for VMware vSAN

Intel® Select Solutions are workload-optimized solutions designed to simplify and accelerate the deploying solutions in the data center. Learn more about the Intel Select Solution for VMware vSAN.

Intel® Cache Acceleration Software 101

Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS) improves business by providing solutions to typical issues faced in the data center. Students will also gain an understanding of the benefits and unique capabilities of the software.

Intel Cache Acceleration Software 201

Take a deeper dive into Intel CAS use cases, industry feedback, and learn how Intel CAS and Intel Optane SSDs help achieve high performance results.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Intel Data Center Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs from our member community to help accelerate building and enhancing data center deployments. Visit the Solutions Library to search technical collateral currently available.



Featured Publications

ProphetStor DiskProphet: AI for Hardware Failure Predictions and Resource Monitoring

This whitepaper discusses how ProphetStor DiskProphet uses patented AI technology to make long-range predictions about upcoming disk failures with up to more than 95 percent accuracy, enabling organizations to preserve high-value services.

Deploy NVMe*-Based Storage at Data Center Scale

This solution brief discusses how you can leverage Excelero NVMesh and Intel® SSD Data Center Family for PCIe* devices to maximize your NVMe ROI for web-scale applications.

Extraordinary Performance Running High Throughput, Low Latency NoSQL on Flash Memory

This whitepaper showcases the performance of Levyx software on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® SSD Data Center P4500 Series for PCIe* enterprise-class NVMe* storage devices.

GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform, Powered by Intel® Architecture

Enterprises can access and act on insights the instant data is available with the combined power of InsightEdge Platform, Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and Intel® Optane™ solid state drives.

Fast and Easy Persistent Storage for Docker* Containers with Storidge and Intel

Intel® Solid State Drive Data Center Family for PCIe*/NVMe and Storidge® ContainerIOTM enable high-performance containerized stateful application storage.


Social Hub

Social Hub

For our ecosystem's latest news, podcasts, webinars, blog posts, and more, visit the Intel Data Center Builders Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community include the following:

Podcast: All-Flash and Hybrid Arrays for Next-Gen Data Center Workloads

NGX Storage joins us to discuss how to solve storage problems with a unified architecture, including how NGX Storage is using a Predictive Smart Analytics platform to protect and solve customer problems, as well as current and future uses of All Flash Storage Arrays, Non-Volatile Memory Express* over Fabrics.

Webinar: Assessment to Action: Creating a Cloud Roadmap with NetApp

This webinar provides concrete tools for assessing your needs, vetting cloud providers, identifying cloud-ready workloads and implementing a plan to take your organization to the next step.

Podcast: Supermicro’s Intel® Select Solution

Supermicro gives an overview of their Intel Select Solution and its benefit to end customers, as well as an explanation of Supermicro’s end-to-end green computing solutions. Intel Select Solutions are verified hardware and software stacks that are optimized for specific software workloads across compute, storage, and network.

Podcast: How a Distributed Cloud Architecture is Driving Future Innovation

In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud, Midfin Systems joins to talk about the company’s intelligent software, eFabric*, which combines network virtualization with compute and storage virtualization to provide a fully software-defined data center.

Webinar: Supermicro Turbo Charges Solutions with NVMe Over Fabrics

Supermicro’s Rack Scale Design (Supermicro RSD) solutions bring the superior performance of NVMe based network storage to your applications and will simplify the complexity of scaled NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) deployments, encapsulating them into a service based model for NVMe target, client, and fabric management.

Podcast: IBM Cloud Container Service and Security in the Cloud

Learn about IBM’s new offering for their Cloud Container Service with Trusted Compute and how they are working with Intel to secure the base compute platform with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and Intel® Cloud Integrity Technology (Intel® CIT) to create a chain of trust, rooted in hardware.

Webinar: Architecting a Complete Data Infrastructure for AI and Deep Learning with NetApp

This Webinar examines all the factors involved in the architecture of a data pipeline for deep learning, focusing in on data management and the hybrid cloud. Careful infrastructure planning can smooth the flow of data through your deep learning pipeline, lead to faster time to deployment, and thus maximum competitive differentiation. – Watch on demand

Podcast: What you Need to Know About Financial Services Solutions with Levyx

Levyx joins this episode of Conversations in the Cloud to talk about the company’s software-defined data processors, Helium* and Xenon*, as well as the work that Levyx has been doing with financial model backtesting in capital markets with Intel® Optane™ technology, and Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® PAC) with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGAs.

Webinar: Top 2 Technologies Behind the Hottest Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Learn how Intel and VMware have worked together to deliver the first HCI offering in the Intel Select Solutions program. Based off of VMware vSAN, the vSphere-native storage that powers scalable and high performance HCI systems, these solutions are available in multiple configurations to meet different business needs. – Watch on demand

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