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Intel® Data Center Builders University

New Courses:

Intel® SGX 101

Intel® Software Guard Extensions, also known as SGX, is a new security technology offered by Intel. Watch these two short videos to get an overview of this security technology, its mode of application and its various uses cases. Concepts covered include the reasons why SGX is necessary, processor reserved memory (PRM), SGX attestation service, and SGX use cases.

QAT Pathway

Learn how you can accelerate compute-intensive operations with Intel® QuickAssist Technology, or QAT. Enhance security and compression performance in cloud, networking, big data, and storage applications - for data in motion and at rest.

Storage As A Platform

This video training covers the convergence of architecture, technology and innovation in delivering Intel storage platforms.


Partner News & Collaboration

Save the Date for the upcoming SPDK, PMDK & VTune™ US Summit. April 16-17, San Jose, CA

This will be a great opportunity to meet with the SPDK, PMDK and VTune user communities and listen to a new series of talks from early adopters and long term users. Topics will include case studies, future deep dives and tech tutorials. There will also be live demos and hands on labs. This year, we are also introducing "Meet the Experts" sessions for informal technical discussions with the experts. REGISTER HERE