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What's New?

What's New?

Introducing New Intel® Select Solutions

Intel® Select Solutions for Huawei FusionStorage*

Intel Select Solutions for Huawei FusionStorage consist of hardware and software that are optimized for outstanding performance with predictable, linear growth. The solutions are tested and verified by Intel and Huawei, so enterprises can spend less time researching infrastructure and simply implement a leading software-defined storage (SDS) solution powered by the latest Intel hardware.

Intel® Select Solutions for BigDL on Apache Spark*

Intel Select Solutions for BigDL on Apache Spark accelerates and simplifies deep learning development and deployment on an optimized, verified infrastructure based on Apache Spark*.


Welcome Our New Ecosystem Partners

With more than 300 ecosystem partners, the Intel® Data Center Builders program continues to grow!

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Intel Data Center Builders University

Intel® Data Center Builders University

The Intel® Data Center Builders University is designed to assist technical professionals in understanding and implementing solutions for enterprise and cloud data centers.

Featured Classes

Blockchain and Intel®

Learn about Blockchain technology and how Intel® is contributing to the adoption of this technology.

Intel® SGX 101

Intel® SGX is a new security technology offered by Intel®. Watch the video to get a good overview of this technology, its mode of application and its various uses cases.

Hybrid Cloud: An Option and Opportunity for Everyone

The ever-changing Datacenter is opening up multiple business opportunities and defining a Hybrid-Cloud environment is crucial in capitalizing your solutions in this market. Learn how connecting public and private cloud into a hybrid cloud can enhance your business.

Intel® VTune™ Demo

This video demonstrates using Intel® VTune™ amplifier to profile SPDK I/O API, analyze PCI-E traffic, and identify SPDK device related I/O performance issues.


Partner News & Collaboration

Partner News & Collaboration

Intel® Data Center Builders Solutions Library

The Solutions Library offers reference architectures, whitepapers, and solution briefs from our member community to help accelerate building and enhancing data center deployments. Visit the Solutions Library to search technical collateral currently available.


Featured Publications

Reduce Memory Costs with Intel® Memory Drive Technology

Testing conducted by Virtuozzo shows that Intel Memory Drive Technology can lower data center memory costs without increasing data center complexity.

Composable Infrastructure – The Foundation for a Future-Proof Software-Defined Data Center

In this whitepaper, we will introduce the entire implementation of Wiwynn® Cluster Manager with Intel® RSD, including proof-of-concept (POC), pilot-run, large-scale phase-in, and popular workloads deployment.


Social Hub

Social Hub

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For our ecosystem's latest news, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and more, visit the Intel® Data Center Builders Social Hub. Recent contributions from our community include the following:



Webinar: Architecting a Complete Data Infrastructure for AI and Deep Learning with NetApp

This Webinar examines all the factors involved in the architecture of a data pipeline for deep learning, focusing in on data management and the hybrid cloud. Careful infrastructure planning can smooth the flow of data through your deep learning pipeline, lead to faster time to deployment, and thus maximum competitive differentiation.


Intel® Omni Path Architecture (Intel® OPA)

Podcast: Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) Webinar Series Part 31: Modern Shared HPC Architecture with Univa* Grid Engine, Intel® Omni-Path Fabric, Docker* and GPUs

Get unique insights on how Tsubame 3.0, one of the world’s most powerful AI/HPC hybrid supercomputers, is managed efficiently.

Podcast: Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) Webinar Series Part 32: Quantum ESPRESSO*: Real World Application, Performance and Optimization on the Marconi Supercomputer

Hear from Cineca’s R&D Director for HPC optimization strategies about deploying Quantum ESPRESSO on one of Europe’s fastest supercomputers.

Podcast: Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) Webinar Series Part 33: FLOW-3D* Performance on Intel® OPA and Latest Intel® Processors

Learn unique insights on how the powerful multiphysics software coupled with Intel® technology provides functionality, ease-of-use and power to help engineers advance their modeling objectives.


Storage, HCI, Cloud, Data Center Management

Blog: NVMe Unleashed: StorPool Squeezes Every Bit of NVMe Power

In the era of Big Data, speed is critical for all applications and use cases building private and public clouds, running databases, VDI, hosting services, websites, and ecommerce. And storage is the underlying layer and one of the most critical components of any business. By using best-of-breed software-defined storage (SDS), enterprises can gain a powerful competitive advantage for their services and business.

Blog: How to Prioritize Hot Data Selection to Maximize RAM Usage

In this post we will address the growing need for a faster loading process for your most important data and the benefits of customizing Hot Data Selection for your applications. We will also review a real world example of an application of GigaSpaces MemoryXtend, and how it can help you achieve optimum business results.

Podcast: Enterprise-Class Storage in the Cloud with Zadara

In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud, Noam Shendar, VP and GM of the Hyperscale Cloud business at Zadara, joins us to discuss cloud storage. Noam talks about how cloud customers want affordable and flexible enterprise-class storage in the cloud and Zadara delivers that, at scale.

Podcast: Journey to the Cloud with NetApp HCI

In this week's episode of Conversations in the Cloud, we welcome Cindy Goodell, Senior Manager for Solutions Marketing at NetApp. Cindy discusses the challenges that NetApp is hearing from customers about their journey to the cloud, noting that no two companies are in the same place with their digital transformation.

Podcast: Running Critical Healthcare Workloads with Intel® and Nutanix Solutions

Jon Kohler, Technical Director of the Healthcare Solutions team at Nutanix, joins us on this episode of Conversations in the Cloud to discuss solutions that Intel and Nutanix are working on. Nutanix is currently working with Intel on advancing Nutanix's solutions in the Healthcare market, specifically around supporting large scale up databases on a scale out storage systems.

Podcast: Linbit and Intel® RSD – a New Approach to Data Center Management

In this episode of Conversations in the Cloud, Philipp Reisner, CEO of Linbit joins us to discuss Linbit and the work they are doing with open-source software for provisioning, replicating, and managing block storage on Linux systems.

Webinar: Raidix Presents: Fast and furious: AVX boost for multi-parity RAID

How to build productive storage with 6600 drives for RIKEN that ensures high data availability and storage performance with probable failure of the drives? How to build RAID with performance that can show full potential of advanced NVMe and Optane drives? Join the webinar to learn more about how Intel technologies help us to deliver.

Webinar: CI, CD and DevOps - Your Path to Business Innovation

Join Red Hat, CloudBees, Intel, and Lenovo as we share best practices and technologies that drive IT Automation through CI, CD, and DevOps. In this webinar you will learn how Lenovo and its partners are changing how software is developed and delivered in today’s applications economy.

Webinar: Be the change agent, not the ticket agent with VMware Private Cloud for NetApp HCI

Your users need you to be more responsive, but when your hardware is keeping you from responding quickly, you look like the big roadblock. Learn how NetApp HCI makes your VMware private cloud environment easier to manage, so your users will quickly get off your back and back to work.

Webinar: WekaIO: Reasons Why NAS Can't Support Deep Learning Workloads

Legacy storage systems, like NAS, were architected when spinning disk and slower networking technologies were the industry standard. In this webinar, we'll present five reasons why NAS can’t keep pace with the I/O demands of new deep learning workloads.