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Mega data centers like those operated by Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are built, orchestrated, and operated very differently from traditional enterprise data centers. They use entirely software-defined infrastructure running on open and commodity hardware, which makes them more efficient and resilient while keeping operational and capital costs low. The most successful companies in the world compete in this next generation of infrastructure—infrastructure 3.0.

Midfin System's intelligent software, eFabric, combines network virtualization with compute and storage virtualization to provide a fully software-defined data center. eFabric network abstractions remove boundaries between physical and virtualized resources, data centers, and the public cloud for a seamless enterprise cloud.

eFabric delivers software-defined infrastructure necessary to architect a cloud environment on premise using the four foundational pillars of infrastructure 3.0:

Plug-and-play on open hardware – Up and running in 15 minutes with freedom to use Intel Atom® cores, existing hardware, or open and commodity hardware.

Distributed control plane – SaaS-based management platform provides full visibility into your entire infrastructure and hybrid cloud environment and lets you manage all hybrid resources together.

Microsegmented data plane – eFabric is delivered through a switch form factor and implements sophisticated network microsegmentation to protect your data center within the perimeter.

Cloud connected – Seamless connectivity to the public cloud gives you control over where you want to run your applications.

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