In 2016 AQUILA came full circle and returned to its High Performance Computing roots by partnering with Clustered Systems of Santa Clara CA to manufacture, integrate, and deliver the AQUILA-AQUARIUS liquid cooled compute platform. Aquarius is an industry-leading advanced liquid cooled Open Compute Platform (OCP) inspired server platform, and can save almost 50% on the back-end Operating Expense of a data center. We deliver HPC Clusters based on Intel® CPUs, Server Boards, SSD, NVMe, HPC Software and Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.

AQUILA-AQUARIUS' patented Fixed Cold Plate cooling is a step forward from the DLC heat sink approaches aimed primarily at the CPU. Clustered Systems fixed cold plate cooling, called TouchCooling™, cools all the hot server board components, and eliminates the need for cooling fans, ultimately freeing “stranded fan energy” for powering additional IT.

AQUARIUS racks convert the data center's 480VAC directly to 12VDC with better than 95% efficiency, reducing step down loss, and providing our OCP server insert a redundant bulk power supply. By eliminating individual server power supplies, we eliminate many potential points of electromechanical failure that are especially exacerbated at scale.

TouchCooling™ provides immersion like cooling performance with the ease-of-use of a blade system.

Lowers TCO 40%-50% when compared with Forced-Air cooling A 10X improved in server density is achieved without trade-offs Enhanced reliability and blade like ease-of-use, especially when compared to other liquid cooled solutions Improved working environment - whisper quiet operation No stranded power – no need to provision power for fan energy at maximum speed (15-25% of IT load)

AQUARIUS liquid cooled solutions provide seamless, dense, reliable HPC clustering with the lowest TCO and OPEX. Our Clusters in combination with Intel® Omni-Path Architecture host fabric interfaces, Edge Switches and Director Class switches, creating HPC solutions with world class performance, density, reliability, ease-of-use and TCO.

HPC Cluster Design HPC Cluster Hardware/Software Integration and on-site Installation Custom and specially designed fixed cold plate liquid cooling Liquid data center consultation Aquila holds DOD TS & DOE Q clearances