Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Intel® Builders Data Centric Fast Track.

Who can be a part of the Builders Data Centric Fast Track program?

Any ODM that is currently a Builders member and willing to invest in the specified requirements

Is the Builders Data Centric Fast Track a standalone Builders program in parallel with the AI, Network, and Data Center Builders programs? How does the it fit with the existing Builders programs?

No, it is not another parallel Builders program, but a daughter program that is open to all Builders members. It is prioritized for ODMs. Each program is designed to offer unique value to different set of industry players, customers, and partners.

How many collaborations can each customer have in the program? Is there a limit?

There is no hard limit, but Intel will only engage the number of collaborations that can be effectively resourced for success on both the Intel and customer side.

How much of an investment does the customer have to make, in terms of funding and headcount?

Investment requirements are partner and project specific and depend on engagement scope.

What if an ODM wants to participate in only one aspect of the program, will that ODM be considered for participation in the program?

Yes, an ODM partner can choose to participate in only one aspect or any combinations of various aspects of the program. We will review all proposals and make a strategic decision on participation; strategic direction and anticipated impact to industry will be key elements of Intel’s decision-making process on who is chosen to participate in the program.

What type of hardware does the customer need for testbeds? What product maturity level is needed?

The minimum requirement is that the hardware platform used as testbeds must be based on 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® SP (Cascade Lake) or later. Maturity of the product will depend on the engagement scope. For example, a co-validation partnership may require hardware at early stages of product maturity while a workload optimization engagement may need more stable hardware.

Are there MDF funds available specifically for program participation?

No. This is a strategic engineering collaboration to deliver innovative products and solutions.

Do customers get more or earlier samples as a result of their participation?

Sample quantities and schedules are negotiated as part of the terms of each collaboration. The collaboration may or may not change the customer’s sample allocation.