Intel® Builders Construction Zone

The Intel® Builders Construction Zone offers access to a variety of lab resources featuring the latest Intel data center products and technologies, providing Intel® Builders members an environment to tune, optimize, and verify their solutions. This workspace allows members to test their solution performance against Intel products or develop solutions using the latest Intel products with the latest BIOS, Firmware, and libraries, at no charge, and protected under NDA.

Intel® Builders Construction Zone FAQ

  1. What Intel technology can I access through the Construction Zone?

    Currently, the Intel Builders Construction Zone technology portfolio includes, but is not limited to, Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, Intel® Optane™ persistent memory, Intel® Ethernet Gigabit Server Adapters, Intel® Solid State Drives. Such products may include Intel® QuickAssist Technology, Intel® Software Guard Extension Technology, DLBoost, and more adding ever more values to the software stack and workloads placed in data centers, cloud, and edge.

    In addition, the Intel Builders Construction Zone now offers Intel AI Builders members several Intel®-optimized frameworks and tools like Intel® Optimization for Caffe*, Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*, Intel® Optimization for MXNet*, Intel® Distribution for Python* (including Numpy, SciPY, and scikit-learn*), and Keras.

  2. What node types are hosted in the Construction Zone?

    A variety of configurations and node types are included which are suited for popular data center, cloud, and edge workloads based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor product family platform. If you have a special need please request it on your Builders Construction Zone project proposal form.

  3. How many nodes can I expect to use?

    1-4 is typical depending on the type of workload.

  4. What is the allowed duration for a project?

    The standard access period varies from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the workload type. Extensions are possible per request and discussions.

  5. Can I reserve vCPU, memory, HDD, or SSDs?

    The Builders Construction Zone can be viewed as a Hardware as a Service (HWaaS). Platform nodes have CPUs, SSDs, memory. Some nodes have the Intel® Quick Assist Technology and the Intel® SGX technology available. We recommend you bring your own OS and software stack. A basic OS and root access can be provided.

  6. What type of interface do I get? API, UI?

    Members are granted root SSH access to their test nodes with capabilities for a UI.

  7. Can I access the Builders Construction Zone lab physically, or virtually?

    No physical access is available; all access is virtual.

  8. Where are the Builders Construction Zone labs located?

    All of the current labs are in North America.

  9. What happens to a project's resources after the access period ends?

    During the access period, please remove any software and data that should not be provided to the Builders Construction Zone Administrator. After the project has ended, the Administrator will reset the resources from the project to default "Builders Construction Zone Factory Config" which means that:

    1. The systems are re-flashed
    2. Software and data are erased and reset to the default BIOS, firmware, storage device, and network device firmware settings
    3. All user data on those resources are erased.

Intel® AI Builders Specific FAQs

  1. Is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Instance available to anyone?

    The Intel Builders Construction Zone AI instance (Intel AI Builders AI DevCloud) is only available to Intel® AI Builders Members. If you are not an Intel AI Builders member, you may learn how to join here:

  2. What additional access do I get if I am an AI Builders member?

    The AI instance provides access to precompiled software optimized for Intel® architecture on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors to simplify the deep learning process and accelerate time-to-solution including: Intel®-optimized frameworks and tools like Intel® Optimization for Caffe*, Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*, Intel® Optimization for MXNet*, Intel® Distribution for Python* (including Numpy, SciPY, and scikit-learn*), and Keras. You may also use Intel® FPGAs within the AI instance.

  3. Is AI project duration different from the general Builders Construction Zone?

    The AI instance may be used for POCs lasting 1 month with an option to extend.

  4. What is different from the old Intel® AI DevCloud for Builders?

    Please see table below:

    Side-by-Side Comparison of the Previous and Current Testing Environments
    Previous Environment: Intel® AI DevCloud For Builders Current Environment: Intel® Builders Construction Zone: AI Instance
    • No sudo access • Sudo access granted
    • 24-hour job limit • No job limit and can run jobs for the duration of account
    • 200 GB hard disk space limitation • > 200 GB hard disk space
    • No remote management of server by ISV • VNC Client to Manage Remote Server
    • NAS/SAN for storage – One workload can slightly impact another workload • Direct-Access Storage Device (DASD) – Workloads are highly isolated
    • Cannot change the BIOS settings • We can change the BIOS setting if needed and restart (eg: turbo boost)
    • Jupyter Hub Available • Jupyter Notebook/Lab Available
    • Batch Scheduling of Jobs (Shared resources) • No batch scheduling (Dedicated resources)
    • 3 accounts and 3 months duration • 1 account and 1 month duration (ISV have to optimize the usage)
    • Password less SSH • Password based SSH
    • Shared environment where multiple users had individual logins with the ability to submit individual projects that would be done on individual nodes • An assigned node environment where a host node is reserved to be shared among all members of one company, even if there are multiple projects requested
    • Automated account generation email • No automated account generation
    • Submit any number of jobs. Will be picked up based on resource availability. • ISV can run only one job at a time for benchmarking because the resource is dedicated.
    • 1 to 2 days account creation SLA • 4 to 5 days account creation SLA
    • Automated account deactivation email (1 week before) • No automated account deactivation email. ISV will have to request.