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What AI Builders Members are Saying


“RocketML is built with a mission to optimize machine learning run time to the limits of Amdahl's law. Such a mission wouldn't have been possible without the help of Intel technologies and Intel's AI Builder program's technical support. The entire Intel AI builder program support team is just fabulous and because of them our customers are able to save both compute cost and time.”

Vinay Rao CEO, RocketML Inc.


“Several projects we are involved in right now directly benefited from Kibernetica participation in the Intel® AI Builders program, access to technical expertise of Intel engineers, and use of Intel technology. Deep learning optimization is very important for our partners in the ISP/CSP market. We have relied on the Intel Movidius chip to prototype face recognition applications, nGraph with ONNX in the implementation of Kibernetica serving components and the BigDL library to support the Kibernetica solution. We are greatly appreciate the help of Intel people working with us and guiding us on the business and technical side and opening to us various opportunities which is very important for a startup.”

Leonard Sheiba CEO, Kibernetica


“AI Builders has been incredibly supportive of our vision for next-gen AI. Our partnership has given us access and additional support in gaining industry reach, and we look forward to continued partnership.”

Gretchen Holquist VP Marketing, Gamalon


“Working with Intel has allowed Avaamo to quickly scale operations, whether we work with customers on their data centers or in the cloud. The AI Builders program will allow us to take advantage of further software optimizations in addition to opening up new channels for marketing and sales enablement.”

Ram Menon CEO, Avaamo


"The DataRobot automated machine learning platform has trained over 500 million models for our cloud customers at a rate of over 1 million models per day, all powered by Intel technology," said Phillip Gurbacki, VP of Product at DataRobot. "With a shared vision of accelerating AI adoption in the enterprise, we are excited to partner with Intel AI Builders and look forward to showcasing the benefits of the DataRobot platform to the AI ecosystem.”

Phillip Gurbacki VP of Product, DataRobot


“Intel’s BigDL integrated with GigaSpaces InsightEdge adds deep learning capabilities to our unified fast data analytics, AI and transactional processing platform. This is core to our insight platform offering that powers instant insight and actions on time sensitive data in milliseconds. We are excited to expand on our partnership with Intel through the AI Builders program. The program gives GigaSpaces access to new marketing channels and partners who can benefit from in-memory real time analytics.”

Karen Krivaa VP of Marketing, GigaSpaces

Julia Computing

Researchers from Julia Computing, UC Berkeley, Intel, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and JuliaLabs@MIT have developed a new parallel computing method to dramatically scale up the process of cataloging astronomical objects. The Celeste project is a Petascale deep learning application that runs purely on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi accelerators, culminating in possibly the first Petascale application run in a high-level dynamic programming language, Julia.

Collaboration between Intel and all stake holders has been an important part of the Celeste project. Intel brings to the table valuable expertise in process technology and understanding scalability on Intel platforms.

Intel AI builders will cultivate an ecosystem of AI products built around the Intel deep learning stack. We have previously collaborated with Intel on accelerating AI workloads on Xeon platforms via usage of Intel Software products such as MKL and MKL-DNN. We look forward to future collaboration with Intel.

Viral Shah CEO, Julia Computing


“We joined forces with Intel to complete three projects with enterprise customers in the entertainment and transportation industries. Combining Mighty AI's ground truth data management platform on Intel architecture allowed us to eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with managing data. As a result, our customers were able to speed up their deployments and use of deep learning. Our partnership with Intel has been a win for both us and our enterprise customers, and we look forward to deepening our collaboration via the Intel AI Builders program.”

Darren Justus VP of Product, MightyAI


"Intel AI builders is a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage the vast array of hardware and software accelerators as well as training material made available by Intel to optimize various aspects of the AI model development and testing life cycle. We have built several AI solutions by leveraging the Intel accelerators and have seen exponential improvement in our development cycles. Mphasis has been an early partner in the AI builders program and we look forward to our continued association with Intel towards building world class solutions for our customers."

Jai Ganesh Vice President & Head, Mphasis NEXT Labs, Mphasis


"SigOpt is excited to join the AI Builders Program to drive multiplicative savings for our customers with Intel's hardware and SigOpt's optimization software. When optimization, cloud computing, and faster chips are combined, our customers see significant savings at the same time that they realize enormous performance gains."


John Snow Labs

“Intel's optimized Xeon Scalable Processors and AI software libraries such as MKL-DNN and BigDL provide a material performance boost for John Snow Labs' AI Platform and Spark NLP library. Having completed our first joint customer-facing project together, we are very excited about the benefits of Intel's AI innovations for our customers - and healthcare AI in general.”

Ali Naqvi AI Platform Product Manager, John Snow Labs

Tuple Technologies

“Intel AI Builders program has given us tremendous visibility which is much needed for an early stage startup. We are grateful to Intel for providing us with the resources needed to support our R&D in creating facial recognition AI algorithms. We are very thankful to the Intel AI Builders team for not only providing us the hardware/software systems to do the testing but also for spending significant time with us to help refine our algorithms. We are glad to bring this new age system in cooperation with Intel to our Retail clients which will help customers have a cashless, queue less and ultimately painless shopping experience.”

Anmol Mohan CEO, Tuple Technologies


“AI technology has matured significantly over the last few years, and is now a strategic lever for enterprises to drive enhanced productivity and business outcomes. An example is our Wipro HOLMESTM AI Platform, which has been successfully deployed in data and information-driven verticals, including Banking & Financial Services Institutions (BFSI), Retail, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications.

Wipro’s collaborative ecosystem approach leverages leading AI technologies from our ecosystem partners and the Intel AI Builders program will enable us to further expand the capabilities of HOLMES. The combination of Intel’s AI foundation technology, including core processors, and Wipro’s AI services and technology offerings, including HOLMES, will enable our customers to quickly deploy powerful AI solutions and realize tangible ROI. We look forward to this exciting journey together.”

Rohit Adlakha VP & Global Head, Wipro HOLMES AI Platform and Automation Ecosystem, Wipro


A player like Intel aggressively entering the deep learning space creates a lot of excitement. The variety of hardware showcased at AIDC was an eye opener which gives a snapshot of the future of Deep Learning. The roadmap of software support from Intel for its various hardwares promise an easy and seamless integration across the hardwares. The event and the response received for it shows the major role Intel will be playing in future.

Raghu Sesha Iyengar Director of Engineering (and responsible for their AI initiatives)


Being part of Intel AI Builders program, gives us the great opportunity to create solutions based on Intel AI Technologies. This will lead to many innovative solutions being developed using these technologies, especially in the area of deep learning. It is really exciting to use Intel’s offering in this space, especially DevCloud access, along with learning materials and online support. All these will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of AI on Intel platforms by customers.

Sindhu Ramachandran Principal Architect (AI/ML/DL) at Quest Global (Parent company of Mobiliya)


We at iMerit are really excited to be a part of the Intel AI Builders Program. It's an ambitious program to make the entire AI eco-system widely accessible widely and to drive efficiencies that can help customers iterate more and develop better solutions. With intel, we have a chance to solve the data annotation and labeling piece which is a vital feeder to the algorithms. The Intel team has made on-boarding very easy and collaborative. We look forward to the growth and success of the program and to our active participation in it.

Jai Natarajan VP, Technology and Marketing, iMerit

Ziva Dynamics

Much of the Ziva software was written using Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) PARDISO* and Intel MKL Linear Algebra Package* (LAPACK*).

These libraries enabled us to build the most robust, commercially-available FEM solvers on the market. The Ziva Solver is the backbone of our technology, it is what allows our users to achieve lifelike secondary dynamics and make the world’s leading virtual characters.

Partnering with Intel has been an invaluable experience for Ziva. We’ve been able to expand our simulation capacity by over 2000% by using the powerful Xeon Scalable Servers, all while reaching one of the world’s most forward thinking audiences thanks to Intel’s ongoing support.

The Intel AI Builders program will continue to support Ziva as we build out our software capabilities and expand into the real-time simulation markets. Much of our technology relies on the latest AI and ML practices, and we are confident that the Intel AI Builders program will help us access and leverage the top methodologies and technology.

Many of our top customers work on highly sensitive projects, so getting visibility on their results and achievements can be hard. But with Intel, we’ve been able to work closer than ever with many of our users and build stronger customer relationships. We look forward to continuing to create compelling content driven by a shared appreciation for Intel technology, Ziva solutions, and remarkable studio results.

“Intel plays a pivotal role in everything we do at Ziva. Much of our world-class character software was written using Intel’s Math Kernel Libraries and even our in-house simulation results are accelerated with Intel’s Xeon Scalable Servers. As we continue to advance our software and develop real-time character solutions, we’re confident that Intel AI Builders will deliver the robust hardware and data management systems we need to push the standard for best-in-class virtual characters even further.”

James Jacobs Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Ziva Dynamics