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What AI Builders Members are Saying


"As members of Intel’s AI Builders program, we’ve participated in several key marketing opportunities, and even joined the Intel booth at some important events, including the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference. This program has been extremely valuable for us – and, ultimately, for our customers as well. Intel’s practical approach to collaboration and partnership helps us ensure that our customers’ analytics initiatives move into production quickly and successfully."

Karina Estrada Senior Partner Marketing Manager at SAS


"Working with Intel AI Builders to optimize SparkCognition's AutoML product Darwin, we have been able to significantly increase performance and scalability by leveraging technologies such as Intel® Message Passing Interface (Intel® MPI) and 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. This has allowed us and our customers perform automated data preparation and model building in a robust, accelerated environment."

Keith Moore Director of Product Management, Sparkcognition


"Our partnership with Intel sets a new technology standard for the training of new predictive AI solutions not just for the fashion and luxury industry but also for fintech. The optimized Intel® AI Builders instances helped us to accelerate IFDAQ's research & development strategy and to test-cycle through diverse technologies safely. We look forward to a strong collaboration with Intel to further enable us in bringing new, exciting and disruptive analytics as well as smart quantification models to our clients."

Daryl de Jorí Head of Innovation & Co-CEO, IFDAQ


"AAEON has been enjoying the benefits of co-marketing with Intel as part of the Intel® AI Builders program. We have participated in several events around the world that offered demo opportunities for our solutions and led to quality customer connections. We look forward to our continued membership in the program as we improve and optimize our solutions."

Aling Wu AI & IOT Alliance Director, eCommerce Sales Director, AAEON


"Lepu Medical is very excited to be part of the Intel® AI Builders program. We are working closely with Intel technical experts to optimize the Carewell AI-ECG system using Intel® OpenVINO™ Toolkit and Intel AI chips. We are very pleased to see the improvement in product performance and deployment, as the result of our collaboration."

Chang Liu Director of Medical AI Division, Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

BigData Corp.

"We deploy AI technologies in multiple areas of our business, but the one with the greatest impact is in supporting our identity validation product, which currently sees broad adoption in the financial services and FinTech space. During an identity validation process, we need to make sure that the person is who they say they are, and this involves making sure that the identification documents they are presenting are real documents that have not been manipulated. We are currently leveraging Intel AI technologies in this document validation process, deploying optimized code libraries and stacks that have greatly improved our model development times and vastly reduced the amount of computing resources needed to run these models in production. This has enabled us to innovate much faster, quickly building, training and validating new machine learning models to handle documents. It has also improved our bottom line results, since we can use the same infrastructure resources to handle much larger loads.

The engagement with the Intel team and their close support were fundamental in enabling us to quickly test and then deploy the Intel technologies on our production environment, with minimal impact to our clients. We are very excited to continue this partnership in the future, and we are already looking into other areas of the business where we use machine learning as potential candidates to benefit from Intel technologies. We are also looking forward to opportunities to share our stories with other companies, and show them how much they can benefit from applying Intel technologies to their businesses."

Thoran Rodrigues CEO from Big Data Corp.


"Intel is doing a great job in optimizing the code that's out there—making things run faster. In order to use those advantages, we need to be a part of this [Intel] AI Builders program."

David Ellison Senior Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist at Lenovo


"We are a big fan of the Intel® AI Builders program. The intention to democratize AI is clearly visible through this sort of ecosystem that Intel has built. The tools that Intel has built for deep learning are very useful and help quicker adoption of AI for many companies. The versioning of the tools and how to get it up and running has been made fairly straight forward. Also it is a community where people can share their experience and contribute to it as well. It fills in the missing pieces between the bare-metal hardware and the deep learning training framework."

Sumit Sanyal Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Minds.ai

Domino Data Lab

"It is obvious that Intel has been a technology leader for decades. I think the AI space in particular has been really helpful for us in terms of improving our visibility across all the different types of customers that Intel works with. Intel is building lots of software tools that help data scientists and the hardware seamlessly supporting it. Our mantra is work with best-in-class companies that build tools like this, and Intel has absolutely been one of our best partners there."

Kevin Van Gundy Head of Business Development, Domino Data Lab


"When it comes to the application or the algorithm, it needs to be fast and it needs to be accurate. And I will tell you that our relationship and collaboration with Intel has been invaluable in that regard. They have helped us with the Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform and optimized our code to run considerably faster. The fact that we can run our code means we can add more features and complexity, which increases accuracy. It's been quite helpful for us."

Gene Saragnese CEO, MaxQ AI


"We were greatly benefited by the assistance from AI Builders for Pytorch AI inference optimization. Although AI Training is important, for a medical company which cannot have continuous learning, retraining will only be conducted in short bursts a few times a year and AI updates controlled to ensure any new AI models are better (or no worse) than the previous (validates on past medical images).

The real benefit for us is optimizing the AI Inferencing which we expect to be used ongoing by users globally – which is likely to be the significant cost for us. We can benefit from both cost saving and scalability of our product with the Intel optimizations on Xeon Scalable."

Dr. Don Perugini Co-Founder & Managing Director, Presagen


"Overall, Intel latest Xeon processors have significant improvements on training and inference over previous generations for text, time series related sequence models and image related applications. We are impressed by this improvement, given that we focus on deep learning and majority of our on-premise deployments are only on CPUs. With Intel’s latest processors and the supporting software stacking for AI, we believe that the customers’ experience can be improved to a great extent. Even with our cloud product, we can now move good amount of modeling tasks to CPU instances, which can lower our cost too."

Yuan Shen CEO - Oneclick.ai


"H2O.ai and Intel® are working on accelerating AI adoption in the enterprise. Project Blue Danube, a co-innovation effort with Intel, enables the world’s leading enterprises the ability to do scalable, high performance, secure and accelerated data science workflows on the world’s most pervasive platform. The combination of H2O.ai’s open source platform and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors allows enterprise organizations to quickly generate the information necessary to make critical business decisions and ultimately gain a true competitive edge based on platforms that enterprises know and trust. The Intel® AI Builders program has allowed H2O.ai to be part of a thriving ecosystem that is committed to new AI product innovation and technology adoption."

Ingrid Burton CMO, H2O.ai


"When you're training these models you don't want to be sitting for a week waiting for them to come back. You want them to happen fast so you can iterate quickly. As members of the [Intel] AI Builders program we're learning how to do that."

David Ellison Senior Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist at Lenovo


"The Intel® AI Builders DevCloud platform has been an ideal sandbox for us in enabling and optimizing our recent computer vision/deep learning-based solutions on the latest Intel® technology before rolling out to market. The model optimizer and inference engine of the Intel® OpenVINO™ stack on Intel® AI Builders DevCloud have helped us achieve very good performance for inference. The Intel® AI Builders DevCloud infrastructure has helped us in trying out multi-node/multi-instance distributed Tensorflow* models, and other optimizations, resulting in good performance in training."

Sundar Varadarajan Consulting Partner, AI & ML Product Engineering, Wipro


"We are very proud to be part of the Intel® AI Builders Program. As a leading company in developing AI solutions for pathological diagnosis in China, KFBIO is actively working with Intel to improve the performance for liquid-based cytology tests for cervical cancer screening. By using the optimized version of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit, we have gained faster inference speed while maintaining the model accuracy and data integrity. In the meantime, enabling and optimizing the solutions on CPU infrastructure allows our customers to fully utilize their existing CPU computing resources and therefore save hardware investment costs. We anticipate that CPU-optimized solutions will make cloud deployment easier and more advantageous as we scale out in the market by taking advantage of CPU server infrastructure offered by cloud service providers.

Besides technical collaboration, we are also partnering with AI Builders Program in marketing efforts. With the support from Intel, KFBIO is in the process of migrating a host of GPU-based solutions to CPU-based solutions, including fine needle aspiration thyroid cancer detection, gastroscope pathology and breast cancer diagnostic applications. We look forward to building a close and strong partnership with Intel."

Gui Kun General Manager, Hangzhou Zhituan Information Technology Co. Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of KFBIO)


"As a result of our participation in the Intel® AI Builder Showcase at the O'Reilly AI Conference in New York, we had numerous valuable leads that resulted in several strategic meetings. I want to thank you for your assistance in helping us prepare in advance as well. It was terrific and look forward to our continued collaboration."

Josh Ledeen AVP, Hi-Tech Business Unit, Mphasis


"Within the first few weeks of joining Intel® AI Builders, we saw great results. We had built several prototypes to demonstrate the art of the possible for Artificial Intelligence to recognize human behavior in retail stores. Our initial prototypes used Intel® Movidius™ to enable deep learning across video streams. With Intel's assistance, we subsequently joined our prototypes together for store location tracking, clothing detection and gender/sentiment assessment. Intel helped us port these separate prototypes into a single pipeline using Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™. We now have a more coherent AI retail demonstrator, which enables us to track movement of individuals around a store with real-time recognition of gender/sentiment and the apparel worn. As part of our membership in the Intel® AI Builders program, Intel has also introduced us to customers who need our skillset and services ability to take artificial intelligence concepts into production operation."

Dan Klein Chief Data Officer, Valtech

Huiying Medical Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ktd

"Using Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® AI software libraries such as MKL-DNN, Huiying Medical Technology has been able to optimize AI assistive solutions for medical image screening and diagnosis without compromising on quality. By using Intel® Xeon® solutions, hospitals can take full advantage of existing hardware to reduce deployment costs and simply IT infrastructure. Huiying Medical Technology is excited to partner with the Intel® AI Builders program. We look forward to close collaboration with Intel and increasing the reach of our AI solutions to help more patients."

Dr. Xiangfei Chai CEO & Founder, Huiying Medical Technology

QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

"It has been a great experience working with Intel in the technologically challenging area of AI. At QuEST-Mobiliya, we feel that this invaluable partnership and our membership in the Intel® AI Builders program will help us to learn more and educate our customers about the merits of using Intel Architecture in their AI solutions. We are privileged to be part of this program which has helped us to host two AI solutions on Intel Architecture and use DevCloud for training deep learning networks. With guidance from Intel’s AIPG team and IOTG team, we could successfully use the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ to port the AI solutions to edge devices and achieve the expected accuracy and real-time performance. As technological experts in AI area, this timely support helped us to resolve technical issues within the shortest time possible. We genuinely look forward to our collaboration which will allow us to expand, paving the way for the creation of other innovative AI solutions in healthcare, automotive, and power domains, especially on the edge using Intel accelerators."

Sindhu Ramachandran Principal Architect (AI/ML/DL) at QuEST Global (Parent company of Mobiliya)

ACC Ltd.

"Intel AI builders helped us to identify inefficiency in complex layers of our AI models, followed by connecting us to their engineering team which accelerated our computational time. Intel AI Builders improvements allowed us to implement a faster R&D cycle, with no additional costs, enhancing our customer's data-driven financial decisions. Reduction in training time was crucial for us as every second on training time is equivalent to 5 hours in our production time. We were able to achieve a significant speed up by using Intel optimized tools and frameworks thereby reducing the time to decision making.

I believe Intel's Xeon Scalable Processors will make a strong impact on the way the world is doing investments and risk management using artificial intelligence these days."

Yahav Cohen Co-Founder & CTO, ACC Ltd.

Altoros Americas LLC

"We were tracking the latest updates from AI market leaders and came across the Intel® AI Builders program. This program caught our attention by being innovative and flexible. The on-boarding was super collaborative and our dedicated partner manager led us through the whole journey. We have built several AI solutions on the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit by joining our forces with Intel. We look forward to growing with the program and actively participating through co-marketing activities."

Siarhei Sukhadolski Artificial Intelligence Practice Head, Altoros


"Ubivis' partnership with the Intel® AI Builders program supports our artificial intelligence software development for real time industrial machine learning for manufacturing optimization. Ubivis' technology relies on high processing capacity to optimize machinery operation and the Intel® AI Builders team helped optimize our software using the multi-instances of Intel® Xeon Scalable Servers, reducing both our costs and the investment required from our customers. Furthermore, Intel's market recognition for high-quality products gives more credibility to the Ubivis system. We look forward to continuing to work with Intel technologies and the Intel solutions team to leverage our system functionalities and uphold our customers' confidence."

Paulo Henrique Souza CEO & Founder, Ubivis

CTAccel limited

"Through our work with the Intel® tech team and the resources provided by the Intel® AI Builders program, our team is able to quickly deliver Intel-based solutions to our customers based on the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit. Building on this framework's performance and flexibility, CTAccel is able to fast-track deliveries of complete AI solutions for different scenarios. At the moment, CTAccel is targeting the use case of video information extraction, which is in high demand in the live-streaming sector. We are looking forward to our continued work with the AI Builders program and exploration of OpenVINO frameworks in AI."

Li HaiFeng AI sector Manager, CTAccel


"Intel plays a pivotal role in our development process at MaxQ-AI. Many of our world-class algorithms are written using Intel’s Math Kernel Libraries, Intel’s deep learning toolkit (OpenVino™), Intel’s multithreaded libraries and are accelerated with Intel’s Xeon Scalable Servers. As we continue to advance our platform and develop additional AI healthcare applications, we are confident that Intel AI Builders will deliver the robust hardware and data management systems needed in order to push the standard of care for best-in-class diagnostics solutions even further."

Robert Mehler Chief Operating Officer, MaxQ AI

Nuveo Technologies Ltda

"Intel AI builders provided an excellent opportunity for us to change our knowledge of AI tools and strategies for using Intel CPUs, allowing us to achieve performance beyond our expectations and transforming unstructured documents into integrated data to our customers' systems. Also, it's worth noting the great technical knowledge in the field and their care to understand what's really important to us."

Fernando Ike IT Director & Mário Idival, Tech Lead – Nuveo


"RocketML is built with a mission to optimize machine learning run time to the limits of Amdahl's law. Such a mission wouldn't have been possible without the help of Intel technologies and Intel's AI Builder program's technical support. The entire Intel AI builder program support team is just fabulous and because of them our customers are able to save both compute cost and time."

Vinay Rao CEO, RocketML Inc.


"Several projects we are involved in right now directly benefited from Kibernetica participation in the Intel® AI Builders program, access to technical expertise of Intel engineers, and use of Intel technology. Deep learning optimization is very important for our partners in the ISP/CSP market. We have relied on the Intel Movidius chip to prototype face recognition applications, nGraph with ONNX in the implementation of Kibernetica serving components and the BigDL library to support the Kibernetica solution. We are greatly appreciate the help of Intel people working with us and guiding us on the business and technical side and opening to us various opportunities which is very important for a startup."

Leonard Sheiba CEO, Kibernetica


"AI Builders has been incredibly supportive of our vision for next-gen AI. Our partnership has given us access and additional support in gaining industry reach, and we look forward to continued partnership."

Gretchen Holquist VP Marketing, Gamalon


"Working with Intel has allowed Avaamo to quickly scale operations, whether we work with customers on their data centers or in the cloud. The AI Builders program will allow us to take advantage of further software optimizations in addition to opening up new channels for marketing and sales enablement."

Ram Menon CEO, Avaamo


"The DataRobot automated machine learning platform has trained over 500 million models for our cloud customers at a rate of over 1 million models per day, all powered by Intel technology," said Phillip Gurbacki, VP of Product at DataRobot. "With a shared vision of accelerating AI adoption in the enterprise, we are excited to partner with Intel AI Builders and look forward to showcasing the benefits of the DataRobot platform to the AI ecosystem."

Phillip Gurbacki VP of Product, DataRobot


"As a company that provides state-of-the-art optimization for deep learning, a detailed understanding of our target hardware is critical in maintaining our competitive advantage. The AI Builders program gave us invaluable access to the Intel hardware that many of our clients, particularly those in the aerospace realm, leverage on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, we were able to work with our account team to co-publish performance metrics for our optimized models across a variety of chipsets. Intel's stamp of approval was critical in impressing upon our clients of the strength of our IP, which was key in securing meaningful engagements. We look forward to an evolving partnership with AI Builders team as we continue to provide powerful deep learning solutions in the marketplace."

Sheldon Fernandez CEO, DarwinAI


"What [the Intel® AI Builders program] has given us is a lot of exposure. It has sort of put us on the radar for a lot of companies who are looking at pre-machine learning in AI."

Vinod Iyengar Vice President of Data Science Transformations, H2O.ai


"What is very important for us is to provide cost-effective solutions for the customer. We have several customers who are in the telecom space who are basically running tens of thousands of the voice sessions simultaneously. If they would run the sessions using GPUs, it will be extremely expensive—prohibitively expensive. The fact that we support inference on Intel Scalable Xeon CPUs allows us to provide a cost-effective solution where customers can run inference in the standard cloud environment."

Leonard Sheiba the Founder and CEO, Kibernetika


"We have been collaborating with Intel for the last few years and have taken advantage of the Intel AI Builder program since 2018. Since day one, this program has been tremendously helpful for us, not only in optimizing and benchmarking our retail image recognition solution on Intel infrastructure, but also in our new product launch and marketing efforts. Thanks to the program, we have been granted several match making and demonstration opportunities across the world including the prestigious MWC’19 event in Barcelona earlier this year. We are particularly impressed by the Intel’s down to earth, startup-friendly company culture as exhibited by people at Intel we have been communicating with throughout this partnership. We feel very supported. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration on both the co-marketing and engineering sides and a mutually successful partnership with this program."

Ceyhun Burak Akgül, PhD COO and CTO, Vispera Information Technologies


"Lepu Medical has received strong support from the Intel team in the development of a technical white paper, which will help to promote our Intel-based AI-ECG solution in the clinical community. We look forward to growing our partnership with Intel and with the Intel® AI Builders program to bring more robust AI solutions to our customers."

Chang Liu Director of Medical AI Division, Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


"I feel like I'm downloading—at least every week—some white paper from Intel about the optimizations they're putting in, about the best known practices for building learning deep learning models."

David Ellison Senior Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist at Lenovo


"Keemotion was looking for a way to enhance its automated production with a new AI layer based on Deep Learning. However with the additional processing necessary, either hardware cost or our low latency delivery requirements would be impacted. Thanks to the help of the Intel AI Builders Program we were able to optimize our model processing on Intel Xeon Scalable processors, allowing us to meet the new increase in processing power without impacting cost or latency. This program has opened up a whole new set of possibilities in the AI computer vision path which we are very excited to continue exploring with Intel."

Alexandre Bustamante Co-Founder and Head of Product, Keemotion


"We started to explore the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit capabilities when we decided to start using AI on some projects for our customers like adding AI to a camera surveillance system. Among many challenges we had during this journey, we had to understand what kind of hardware is required to meet the specifications and to build a compelling solution. The Intel® AI builders program and the collaboration with the support team was a tremendous help because we had access to various Intel platforms from the most common Intel CPU to high performance Intel® Xeon Scalable processors. We are very happy to be part of this ecosystem and we are confident that this will help us to build innovative solutions for our customers."

James Taylor Director of Sales, RINF TECH


"We are glad to be part of the Intel® AI Builders program because it has allowed us to truly enable artificial intelligence at the edge. With the program's support, we could access and exploit all the compelling features provided by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and Intel nGraph, giving our AI software partners the ability to boost the performance of our solutions powered by Intel Architecture. The AI Builders program has helped match us with companies who have become strategic partners in our AI ecosystems and the AI Builders marketing initiatives have given us increased visibility within new and emerging prosperous markets."

Fabrizio Del Maffeo Managing Director of AAEON Europe & Founder of UP, AAEON

QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

"Intel has been able to provide their Intel® AI Builders partners with multiple collaboration opportunities that help shape their marketing efforts. Partners like us are supported through step-by-step guidance on how to operate multiple interfaces such as the marketing toolkit, marketing funding, and other great co-marketing tools. These joint programs help partners improve on our sales and marketing approaches and go-to-market strategies, which in the long run help us land leads that bring profit. Intel has also hosted us at multiple events at no cost and helped showcase us in front of other partners too. With regular sync-up conference calls, Intel has helped direct us toward greater success. Moreover, on a day-to-day basis, Intel has great response times which helps our daily operations move much more efficiently. Intel supports and wishes its partners well and we look forward to our continued work together."

Aastha Pandey Strategic Partnerships Manager, QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

"Mobiliya-QuEST works on a number of AI solutions, so Intel®, with its family of hardware, is our clear choice. Intel's developer and adoption advocates have made the migration and integration process seamless. The Intel® AI Builders program has been extremely important to engage partners like us and as a one-point contact for all our questions and needs. We are excited bring AI to our customers on a proven platform that our customers are familiar and comfortable with and which has delivered powerful and reliable solutions for decades."

Raghu Sesha Iyengar Director of Engineering, QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

HOOBOX Robotics

"The AI solution development process can be a lonely and time-consuming journey. The Intel® AI Builders program has not only offered us the necessary technical tools, but also made an extra effort to help with the development, optimization, and dissemination of our solution. This saves time and creates an even better solution for customers.

Intel® AI technology and the Intel® AI Builders program together have the power to transform ordinary algorithms built by developers into real and optimized solutions that can effectively be applied to solve large-scale problems. This is a game changing opportunity for AI startup companies and the AI community."

Paulo Pinheiro CEO, HOOBOX

Allgoo I.o.Banking & A.I.

"We have collaborated with Intel to optimize our software application for the investment market, which will help several corporations better understand their customers' risk profile. Allgoo's application of Neural Network, optimized for Intel Architecture, has significantly improved the performance. We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration with Intel through the Intel AI Builders program and expanding our successful partnership."

Luiz Macedo Founder & CEO, Allgoo


"Intel has been an invaluable partner in connecting us with technical and general communities. With Intel's position as the leader in shaping the future of AI, we are very proud to be part of the program for developing not only the current solution, a facial recognition software for controlling wheelchairs, but for developing many other solutions in the near future. We believe the Intel® AI Builders program can help us reach this goal faster and consequently take our technology further to help more people."

Paulo Pinheiro CEO at HOOBOX

Senscape Technologies Inc.

"Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPUs are the ideal solution for embedded AI applications due to their high performance and extremely low power consumption. This allows Senscape Technologies – a leader in edge perception – to provide premier solutions to our customers in the enterprise, education, and government sectors without relying on expensive and power-hungry cloud computing. With our membership in the Intel® AI Builders program and access to Intel's full AI product offering and support, we look forward to bringing more innovative edge AI applications to our customers."

Hongbo Xiao CEO, Senscape Technologies

QuikFynd, Inc

"We started working with Intel almost three months ago to optimize our Image detection algorithms on IA based platforms. Intel’s ISV enabling team as part of AI Builders Program helped us with porting of our AI models to OpenVino and also helped us to optimize our Python based code for multi-threading. As a result, we have been able to achieve significant improvements in our image processing times and the entire solution can run on client class machines. Our partnership with Intel has been a win for our customers because they no longer have to send their private data to cloud for performing AI/ML based analysis for their content. We look forward to working with Intel as part of the Intel AI Builders program to enable more such compelling use cases for our customers."

Vikas Aditya CEO – QuickFynd

Nexus Edge Inc

"It was a comprehensive, successful experience working with Intel AI builder Program. Live coding sessions with Intel engineers enabled ALANA, our proprietary artificial intelligence for advertising and customer experience, to increase ten times the performance of her NLP systems. Throughout our hands-on sessions with Intel experts, we acquired substantial knowledge about how we can scale strategically and efficiently ALANA’s core algorithms using Intel hardware and optimized libraries. This proven results partnership was only the beginning of a lasting and ambitious technical cooperation."

Marcellus Amadeus Chief Scientist Officer – Nexus Edge

John Snow Labs

"Intel's optimized Xeon Scalable Processors and AI software libraries such as MKL-DNN and BigDL provide a material performance boost for John Snow Labs' AI Platform and Spark NLP library. Having completed our first joint customer-facing project together, we are very excited about the benefits of Intel's AI innovations for our customers - and healthcare AI in general."

Ali Naqvi AI Platform Product Manager, John Snow Labs

Tuple Technologies

"Intel AI Builders program has given us tremendous visibility which is much needed for an early stage startup. We are grateful to Intel for providing us with the resources needed to support our R&D in creating facial recognition AI algorithms. We are very thankful to the Intel AI Builders team for not only providing us the hardware/software systems to do the testing but also for spending significant time with us to help refine our algorithms. We are glad to bring this new age system in cooperation with Intel to our Retail clients which will help customers have a cashless, queue less and ultimately painless shopping experience."

Anmol Mohan CEO, Tuple Technologies


"AI technology has matured significantly over the last few years, and is now a strategic lever for enterprises to drive enhanced productivity and business outcomes. An example is our Wipro HOLMESTM AI Platform, which has been successfully deployed in data and information-driven verticals, including Banking & Financial Services Institutions (BFSI), Retail, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications.

Wipro’s collaborative ecosystem approach leverages leading AI technologies from our ecosystem partners and the Intel AI Builders program will enable us to further expand the capabilities of HOLMES. The combination of Intel’s AI foundation technology, including core processors, and Wipro’s AI services and technology offerings, including HOLMES, will enable our customers to quickly deploy powerful AI solutions and realize tangible ROI. We look forward to this exciting journey together."

Rohit Adlakha VP & Global Head, Wipro HOLMES AI Platform and Automation Ecosystem, Wipro

QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

"Being part of Intel AI Builders program, gives us the great opportunity to create solutions based on Intel AI Technologies. This will lead to many innovative solutions being developed using these technologies, especially in the area of deep learning. It is really exciting to use Intel’s offering in this space, especially DevCloud access, along with learning materials and online support. All these will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of AI on Intel platforms by customers."

Sindhu Ramachandran Principal Architect (AI/ML/DL) at Quest Global


"We at iMerit are really excited to be a part of the Intel AI Builders Program. It's an ambitious program to make the entire AI eco-system widely accessible widely and to drive efficiencies that can help customers iterate more and develop better solutions. With intel, we have a chance to solve the data annotation and labeling piece which is a vital feeder to the algorithms. The Intel team has made on-boarding very easy and collaborative. We look forward to the growth and success of the program and to our active participation in it."

Jai Natarajan VP, Technology and Marketing, iMerit

Ziva Dynamics

"Much of the Ziva software was written using Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) PARDISO* and Intel MKL Linear Algebra Package* (LAPACK*).

These libraries enabled us to build the most robust, commercially-available FEM solvers on the market. The Ziva Solver is the backbone of our technology, it is what allows our users to achieve lifelike secondary dynamics and make the world’s leading virtual characters.

Partnering with Intel has been an invaluable experience for Ziva. We’ve been able to expand our simulation capacity by over 2000% by using the powerful Xeon Scalable Servers, all while reaching one of the world’s most forward thinking audiences thanks to Intel’s ongoing support.

The Intel AI Builders program will continue to support Ziva as we build out our software capabilities and expand into the real-time simulation markets. Much of our technology relies on the latest AI and ML practices, and we are confident that the Intel AI Builders program will help us access and leverage the top methodologies and technology.

Many of our top customers work on highly sensitive projects, so getting visibility on their results and achievements can be hard. But with Intel, we’ve been able to work closer than ever with many of our users and build stronger customer relationships. We look forward to continuing to create compelling content driven by a shared appreciation for Intel technology, Ziva solutions, and remarkable studio results.

Intel plays a pivotal role in everything we do at Ziva. Much of our world-class character software was written using Intel’s Math Kernel Libraries and even our in-house simulation results are accelerated with Intel’s Xeon Scalable Servers. As we continue to advance our software and develop real-time character solutions, we’re confident that Intel AI Builders will deliver the robust hardware and data management systems we need to push the standard for best-in-class virtual characters even further."

James Jacobs Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Ziva Dynamics


"SigOpt is excited to join the AI Builders Program to drive multiplicative savings for our customers with Intel's hardware and SigOpt's optimization software. When optimization, cloud computing, and faster chips are combined, our customers see significant savings at the same time that they realize enormous performance gains."

Scott Clark CEO and Co-Founder, SigOpt


"Intel AI builders is a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage the vast array of hardware and software accelerators as well as training material made available by Intel to optimize various aspects of the AI model development and testing life cycle. We have built several AI solutions by leveraging the Intel accelerators and have seen exponential improvement in our development cycles. Mphasis has been an early partner in the AI builders program and we look forward to our continued association with Intel towards building world class solutions for our customers."

Jai Ganesh Vice President & Head, Mphasis NEXT Labs, Mphasis

QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya

"A player like Intel aggressively entering the deep learning space creates a lot of excitement. The variety of hardware showcased at AIDC was an eye opener which gives a snapshot of the future of Deep Learning. The roadmap of software support from Intel for its various hardwares promise an easy and seamless integration across the hardwares. The event and the response received for it shows the major role Intel will be playing in future."

Raghu Sesha Iyengar Director of Engineering, QuEST Global Digital, formerly Mobiliya


"We joined forces with Intel to complete three projects with enterprise customers in the entertainment and transportation industries. Combining Mighty AI's ground truth data management platform on Intel architecture allowed us to eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with managing data. As a result, our customers were able to speed up their deployments and use of deep learning. Our partnership with Intel has been a win for both us and our enterprise customers, and we look forward to deepening our collaboration via the Intel AI Builders program."

Darren Justus VP of Product, MightyAI

Julia Computing

"Researchers from Julia Computing, UC Berkeley, Intel, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and JuliaLabs@MIT have developed a new parallel computing method to dramatically scale up the process of cataloging astronomical objects. The Celeste project is a Petascale deep learning application that runs purely on Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi accelerators, culminating in possibly the first Petascale application run in a high-level dynamic programming language, Julia.

Collaboration between Intel and all stake holders has been an important part of the Celeste project. Intel brings to the table valuable expertise in process technology and understanding scalability on Intel platforms.

Intel AI builders will cultivate an ecosystem of AI products built around the Intel deep learning stack. We have previously collaborated with Intel on accelerating AI workloads on Xeon platforms via usage of Intel Software products such as MKL and MKL-DNN. We look forward to future collaboration with Intel."

Viral Shah CEO, Julia Computing


"Intel’s BigDL integrated with GigaSpaces InsightEdge adds deep learning capabilities to our unified fast data analytics, AI and transactional processing platform. This is core to our insight platform offering that powers instant insight and actions on time sensitive data in milliseconds. We are excited to expand on our partnership with Intel through the AI Builders program. The program gives GigaSpaces access to new marketing channels and partners who can benefit from in-memory real time analytics."

Karen Krivaa VP of Marketing, GigaSpaces