Ziva VFX

Ziva VFX

Ziva VFX is the world's leading character simulation solution. The technology features a robust physics solver that enables artists to replicate the materiality and physics of any soft tissue object, including muscles, fat, and skin. This feature, along with the comprehensive collection of out-of-the-box rigging tools, has powered leading CG creatures in titles such as Captain Marvel, Aqua Man, Hellboy, A Dog's Way Home, Small Foot, and more. Ziva simulation technology, which leverage Intel's Math Kernel Libraries, accurately solves the relationship between organic soft-tissue (i.e., muscles, fat, and skin) and external objects such as fabric, textiles, metals, and foams. With simulated human models and digitally reconstructed retail designs, companies can effectively identify how products interact and influence the human body, reducing the demand for live fit tests and redundant manufacturing cycles. Discover how your products collide, compress, stretch, and drape against the human

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  • Free 60-day Trial
  • Finite Element Method (FEM) Physics Solver
  • Anatomy Transfer Tools
  • Automatic Muscle Firing
  • Python MEL Scripting


Worldwide Intel® Core™ Processor Family Intel® Xeon Scalable On-premise (Private Cloud, Other) TensorFlow Arts and Entertainment Retail Models can be trained - data input only required Linux Windows Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) Other Proprietary Other Other