wrnch Frictionless Motion Capture

wrnch Frictionless Motion Capture

wrnchAI is a software platform to digitize human motion and behaviour from standard video. Video recording technology is nothing new, but it has come a long way in the last few decades, moving from the hands of very few to a tool for the masses. Motion Capture technology, more recently, has been put to use at the highest levels in Hollywood and professional sports, improving audience experiences and athletic performance, respectively. Until now, such technology has been out of reach for most consumers, requiring expensive, specialized equipment. wrnch is challenging that with AI driven, marker-less motion capture that can be used by any 2D webcam.

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  • Frictionless Motion Capture
    wrnchAI motion capture works in any environment with any clothing, not requiring special sensors or markers. From smartphones to professional cameras, wrnchAI can be used on many to capture human motion.
  • Activity Recognition
    wrnchAI can recognize and understand human activities, such as walking, sitting, falling, or picking up an object, while also being able to identify potentially serious medical emergencies.
  • Gesture Recognition
    wrnchAI enables gesture recognition and recognizes non-verbal commands like pointing and or waving.


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