Wahtari nLine Quality Control On-The-Edge

Wahtari nLine Quality Control On-The-Edge

Powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X, Xeon® Scalable & OpenVINO, Wahtari nLine quality control solution is specifically designed for the manufacturing process of tube-shaped products like power cables, metal pipes and many more. Combining traditional computer vision techniques with the latest AI technologies, various features can be detected, such as discolorations, deformations, surface damages, text (OCR) or wrong diameters. It features three cameras for a full 360° inspection and can be easily integrated into existing production lines. A special feature of nLine is its self-learning capability, which makes it possible that anyone can create a new product (e.g. a green power cable) and the system will analyse automatically the traits of it and teach a new AI model for you. nLine comes with APIs + an easy to use, cross-platform UI, called vision, allowing you to manage your products, see their status and adjust and view all cameras, including the motorised lenses for zoom & focus

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  • Automatic detection of various error classes
    Using the latest AI technologies, almost all errors can be detected, such as discolorations, deformations, surface damages, text (OCR) or wrong diameters.
  • Full 360° rotation independent coverage
    3 cameras capture every product detail and compensate any kind of inherent rotation caused by the manufacturing process
  • Computing on-the-edge
    nLine is equipped with powerful accelerators that allow it to execute all detection processing on its own, requiring no external server or computing unit
  • High production speeds
    Manufacturing speeds of up to 1500 meters per minute


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