Wahtari nCam - Modern AI Vision Platform

Wahtari nCam - Modern AI Vision Platform

A core product of the Wahtari ecosystem for machine vision solutions is the AI-based deep learning camera Wahtari neuralCam (short: nCam). Housed in an aluminum enclosure with a sophisticated heat-pipe cooling system, up to three integrated Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs and an Intel x86_64 CPU provide millisecond-accurate detection performance for complex situations. As one of the most compact high-end vision-AI-systems on the market, the nCam impresses with an open hard- and software architecture: all components follow a modular concept and enable individual configuration for a wide variety of industry-specific applications. nCam offers a choice of motorized or fixed lenses, switchable or fixed IR filters, Intel Movidius Myriad X AI accelerator chips, integrated or plug-in illumination, and IP67 housings and mounts that can be flexible adapted to different situations. The integration variety into existing system concepts is extended by numerous interfaces and industry standards, such as OPC UA, and thus guarantees lowest latencies. On the software side, the nCam is equipped with the in-house developed operating system nOS, which can be managed via the graphical user interface nVision. The Linux-based nOS, which is specially designed for IoT IT security, favors the easy implementation of custom functions and apps using Docker, enabling individualized customization. Control of the nCam can be further simplified by the on-demand pre-installed nGin SDK, which also supports OpenVINO, and enables hybrid execution of image processing algorithms and CNN, independent of the hardware platform. Due to the open and modular architecture concept, nCam serves as an ideal interface to combine third party hardware and software with components from Wahtari to create the perfect and individual edge AI-based machine vision solution. The range of application areas extends from quality assurance conveyor belt analysis to license plate monitoring, and many more.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Modular concept for high flexibility
    Due to the open architecture concept, Wahtari supports many third-party components, such as the Alvium series of industrial sensors from Allied Vision. This enables easy creation of new smart Vision solutions.
  • Timeless due to upgradable technology
    Thanks to its modular components, the nCam can be adapted to the latest technology, providing a timeless tool that always meets current requirements.
  • One platform for countless possibilities
    The Wahtari ecosystem forms the perfect basis for developing individual AI vision solution and facilitates work steps – for instance creating your own AI models or implementing your own apps - by providing comprehensive tools, such as nGin or nLab.
  • Ease of use and precise performance
    We believe that simplicity leads to perfection. By simplifying complex work steps using our nGin SDK, the nCam can be easily customized . In doing so, depending on the product type, environment, and specific work process, detection accuracies of over


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