VoiceAI AI Speech Analysis

VoiceAI AI Speech Analysis

VoiceAI provides a one-stop AI Speech Analysis system for financial institutions such as banks, securities institution, insurance companies, P2P, and so on. The system enables 1:1 customer identity confirmation, 1:N customer identity recognition and anti-spoofing liveness detection in the scenarios of customers’ using telephone hotline, mobile apps, automated teller machine, etc. Identity fraud & credit blacklisters will be recognized with early warnings. Customer’s identity can be automatically recognized in call-ins and call-outs to improve customer service satisfaction. Customer’s identity will be easily confirmed during remote operations like account opening, card activating, registration, login, transfer, payment, transaction and so on.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Voiceprint Recognition
    1:1 1:n Your voice is your ID
  • Gender Recognition
    Recognize gender by voice
  • Liveness Detection (Anti-spoofing)
    Detect audio records playing or synthesized voices
  • Auto Speech Recognition
    Real-time speech-to-text with satisfying speed and accuracy



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