UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is a solution which reforms traditional CCTV surveillance into an intelligent surveillance system by applying deep learning and video analytics technology. A smart surveillance system understands what it sees and reacts to it. It monitors an area by creating a virtual fence, generates a heatmap and counts people flow to give insights. All of these features come in one box—UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance. Being an AI-enabled NVR solution, it works proactively on the video stream and supports up to 32 cameras (compatible with Core™ i7-8665UE CPU only) simultaneously.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • An easy to install solution
    Due to integration with Milestone Video Management system, the solution allows you to set up and work with any cameras that are already in place.
  • A future proof solution
    The solution is designed to be upgraded easily. There are wide range of algorithms available and infrastructure additions are constantly growing (e.g.new 3D camera support, new algorithms supported etc.) from Saimos, to keep the solution competitive.
  • A scalable solution
    When solutions are being rolled out across multiple locations; data on known shoplifters for example, should be applied across all those locations.
  • State of the art technology
    The solution processes large amounts of data on-premise and integrates with large-scale software packages, including VMS, video analytic applications as well as alarm and security systems.
  • A compact solution
    Compared to a traditional video surveillance solution, UP Xtreme smart surveillance is built within a relatively small form factor with a measure of 190mm x 129mm x 78.6mm


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