Unisound Hivoice AI open platform

Unisound Hivoice AI open platform

One-stop shop provides you with world-leading voice, image, semantic understanding, translation, voice-print, fingerprint, face and many other smart technologies. Unisound's voice recognition service includes middleware and platforms, which are widely deployed in mobile Internet, smart appliance, wearables, on-car navigation, healthcare, education, and call centers by providing professional voice recognition service to enterprises and consumer users. Use cases : Voice control, intelligent search, and get rid of the button remote control, let the TV gorgeously transform; Say goodbye to keystrokes, voice can be converted to text, and text editors should be so easy ;Turning on the car life in the voice era is safer and more convenient.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Speech Recognition
    Unisound has completely independent intellectual property rights and is one of the world's top intelligent speech recognition technologies. Accurate, fast, and streamlined, speech recognition has never been so good.
  • Semantic understanding
    Intelligent dialogue, multi-domain coverage. Covering most of the usage scenarios in the food, clothing, and housing industry makes semantic understanding ubiquitous.
  • Speech synthesis
    The synthesis speed is super fast. From text to speech, in just one instant.
  • Voice-print recognition
    Sound print unlocking, safe and convenient. Use voice as the password, which automatically recognizes the identity of the speaker and achieves fast and accurate identity authentication.


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