Tuple Technologies Floww.ai

Tuple Technologies Floww.ai

Tuple Technologies Floww.ai makes Visual AI accessible to regular businesses for regular operations, with easy to use AI & Machine Learning capabilities. Facial recognition coupled with RFID technology for automated retail checkouts that help customers to deter from the torture of being in long queues and also helps retailers to save costs on labor and infrastructure. Secondly, cashless payments through voice and facial recognition have changed the way consumers shop. Object Recognition helps in a long way to maintain a high quality supply chain system. This allows a 24/7 visibility on which shelf in your store is running out of stock or which product category needs an upgrade. Finally, motion recognition helps insurers and the automotive industry to provide a great level of service to their customers. Businesses in different sectors are deploying our solutions concocted with the powerful combination of cognitive technology and Artificial Intelligence to unlock new possibilities.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Facial Recognition
    It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms & cognitive technology to identify & authorize a person’s identity from any source – video or image.
  • Object Recognition
    The computer vision for object recognition offered by Floww.ai is composed of different technical features including - object detection, image generation, image super-resolution.
  • Motion Recognition
    Floww.ai imbibes convolutional neural networks to extract even low levels of features when an image is in motion. Floww’s deep learning models automatically assimilate every single slice of feature to recognize actions with high accuracy.
  • Speech Recognition
    With avant-garde prowess in machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence, Floww is building voice-enabled experiences for modern enterprises.



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