Supermicro AI/Machine Learning Ready Platform

Supermicro AI/Machine Learning Ready Platform

The Supermicro AI/Machine Learning Ready Platform pushes the boundaries of deep learning and can scale up to hundreds of accelerators in one AI cluster. The Platform delivers a ready-to-go solution that offers the fastest path to scaling-up AI and enables customers to build their own enterprise grade AI cloud. Striking a balance between computing, networking and storage, the Platform is an optimized solution for certified Intel AI ecosystem partners. It enables quicker AI model training and inferencing with images and speech, more efficient gas & oil exploration, more accurate medical image analytics, and faster autonomous driving model generation. With Supermicro’s first-to-market, largest portfolio of server and storage building blocks, Supermicro will work with customers to define and configure the best infrastructure to meet all AI application needs. Our accelerated deployment model enables customers to spend more time driving insights and less time building infrastructure.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Ready to deploy end-to-end solution
    - Configuration rich and can custom develop to meet any AI application needs - Scale out one to many racks - Industry leading Performance / Watt / $ / ft²
  • Intel AI Ecosystem Support
    - Optimized solution for certified Intel AI partners - Intel OpenVINO and MKL support
  • Container and open source orchestration software support
    Option 1: Red Hat OpenShift Container/OpenStack Platform and Ceph Storage Option 2: Canonical Kubernetes Container/ KubeFlow and Ceph Storage
  • Optional consulting and service support
    - Rack level solution design, configuration, testing and deployment


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