Seassoon Text Detection Solution

Seassoon Text Detection Solution

Text detection and recognition are now foundational capabilities for a broad range of smart government applications. For example, government agencies at all levels routinely provide public services to their constituents (people and enterprises) involving reviewing paper and digital documents. Seassoon is a big data analytics solution and system provider in China that helps customers build big-data-driven AI applications to extract business value from disparate data sources in various raw formats, both structured and unstructured. Their solutions incorporate business specific workflows and domain knowledge across industries. Seassoon is a big data analytics solution and system provider in China that helps build and empower smart systems and entities. Seassoon focuses on applications in government/public sector, financial industry, and large SOEs in key sectors, such as energy and utilities. Their solutions provide data acquisition, transformation, and mining to empower intelligent decision-making using OCR, NLP, CV, and knowledge graphs. With Intel optimization for PyTorch and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO running on the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon processors, Seassoon's solution saw 2.78X-3.55X reduction in inference time and therefore improve customer service efficiencies.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Enable diverse set of data input format and structure
    Seasssoon solution supports various input data format from disparate sources, both structured and unstructured.
  • Integrate seamlessly into customer workflow and business rules to extract data attributes relevant to business use cases.
  • Optimized with Intel Pytorch and OpenVINO on Intel Xeon platform to achieve accelerated inference performance
    Intel optimization for Pytorch and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO enabled on the 2nd Gen Xeon platform delivered faster inference performance
  • Salable deployment on premise and on cloud
    Easy to deploy and performance-optimized text detection solution reduces time to decision and improve customer service efficiencies.


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