RecurrentAI SaleTech Platform

RecurrentAI SaleTech Platform

AI-enabled corporate solution to improve sales efficiency. This AI platform leverages NLP and ASR technologies to analyze dialogues, provide accurate sales strategies with higher conversion rates, and ultimately boost revenue growth. Omni-channels integrated ( call center, IM, WeCom, meeting tools, smart devices etc. ) to enable sales-people to engage with customers intelligently. Flexible data management and data analysis enhance the business integration and tech adoption. Standardized & automated AI model training and forces to achieve production in a low-cost large-scale way. Innovations in smart devices to enable the digital transformation in offline sales processes.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Recurrent AI Conversation Intelligent platform - Insight
    The management team - oriented feature to diagnose business issues, provide insights, supervise individual performance, and provide insights by analysis of all conversational data from different channels.
  • Recurrent AI Real-time Sales Assistant - Expert
    A real-time sales assistant feature which aims to help every rep improve their performance.
  • Recurrent AI Voice & Audio inspection - Compliance
    Call Quality Monitoring feature that helps to evaluate phone conversations taking place between staff and customers / prospects in order to meet regulations, improve call handling, customer service, loyalty and revenue.
  • Recurrent AI offline Voice & Audio inspection - Compliance Now
    An intelligent dual-recording system to provide real-time and post-event regulation quality inspections from voice & video records, to ensure that financial companies meet compliance requirements in the sales / customer service proccess.
  • Recurrent AI Conversation Generation Tool - Discovery
    Discovery is a tool used to explore the communication scripts, selling points, and knowledge of the best practices from top sales people.


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