QuEST ThirdEye - Vision Analytics Platform

QuEST ThirdEye - Vision Analytics Platform

QuEST ThirdEye is a Vision Analytics platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate security and surveillance of a given premise. This solution complements a customer's camera infrastructure (CCTV/IP) taking video feed derived from the camera's computation in the cloud or on the edge to run any AI powered algorithm. Key features include Object Identification, i.e. identifying people, vehicles, and other objects, as well as specific objects that a business requires; Facial Recognition/Detection, i.e. giving real time demographics of a person by detecting and recognizing the person on the camera feed, useful in suspect flagging or employee recognition in hazardous situation; Product Inspection, i.e. helping automate product inspection cycles in any kind of visual quality check reducing personnel manually quality checking production line. This provides actionable insights of the required algorithms helping display data being analyzed on a web dashboard for ease of navigation.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Object Identification
    Identifies person, vehicles and several other objects, parameters
  • Facial Recognition
    Real time demographics unknown person/ suspect flagging
  • Product Inspection
    Automate product monitoring and quality control in manufacturing
  • Video Analytics
    Derive patterns, actionable insights and summarization of the feed


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