Qualitas AI platform for Industrial Machine Vision

Qualitas AI platform for Industrial Machine Vision

Qualitas AI platform for Industrial Machine Vision helps in detecting defects in machined components . A common quality parameter that spans industries is surface finish quality. Whether it is an automotive part or a precision engineered tool, surface quality is key to maintain it’s functional and visual appearance. However, that is one which is done mostly as a manual process. As a result of manual decision making, quality is inconsistent. For that reason, Qualitas has developed a AI solution for identifying these defects which offer high consistency and accuracy in decision making. This advanced inspection systems use Artificial Intelligence for teaching and training the system for defects with a human-like approach. Imagine that you’re trying to teach a quality inspector on what anomaly constitutes an unacceptable anomaly and what constitutes an acceptable anomaly; you will teach them by using examples. Training this system would be very similar to that, and just as easy.

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  • Cloud based training software for training, deployment management and system accuracy tracking
    Support multiple deployments Accuracy verification tool Cloud training & deployment Deployment management and predictive analytics Increased accuracy Decreased installation time


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