Nimblebox Practical Applications of OpenVINO™️

Nimblebox Practical Applications of OpenVINO™️

Nimblebox is a platform that helps data science teams, developers, and students work and collaborate on their deep learning projects on the cloud with one-click. Their developer-centric AI workbench enables enterprises to build custom AI training modules to upskill their employees. With 1-Minute CPU setup time, libraries pre-installed, integrated IDE, it feels like working on your own PC. Version Control and Collaboration with others using Git. The education-focused approach Nimblebox takes to solving this problem is essential in enabling access for new-comers to AI, as well as easing deployment for experienced users.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Work 10x faster on your AI Projects
    Better, Faster and Customizable CPU machines
  • One-Click Start
    Get started with your AI project under one minute with just one click
  • Secure Cloud Storage
    Drag and Drop to Upload your training data. Add, Remove, Edit or Delete files on the cloud. Export all results and data with One-Click.
  • Version Control & Collaboration
    Integrated command line that helps you push your code on GitHub and collaborate with others on the same project.


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