Nia DocAI:EdgeVerve's Document Processing Platform

Nia DocAI:EdgeVerve's Document Processing Platform

Nia DocAI is a purpose-built document extraction, processing and comprehension platform that unlocks business value from enterprise data by extracting intelligence from enterprise documents, regardless of complexity or domain specificity. Nia DocAI leverages advanced AI capabilities of the Infosys Nia platform, an ensemble of various Machine Learning and Deep Learning based techniques, to structure the world’s complex multi-document data and makes it consumption ready to unlock the latent business value. Intel and EdgeVerve have collaborated to optimize Nia DocAI performance on Intel Xeon infrastructure to reduce time to value and operationalize models at enterprise scale. The integrated solution of Nia DocAI on Intel AI Platform offers rapid deployment and high performance serving of the ML models. By utilizing the libraries tuned for high performance from Intel, the integrated solution optimizes the usage of underlying hardware thereby reducing TCO and increasing the ROI.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



    Ingest and Extract complex document layouts, text and visual objects
    Enhance extracted data with contextual information
    Derive insights from extracted data
    Consume analyzed information via downstream integration and search
  • Superior AI-powered document processing
    1) Automated classification of document categories based on the document content or visual layout 2) Complex and precise data extraction from various documents types and formats 3) Cognitive Search for natural language and keyword-based queries
  • Enterprise Ready Platform
    1) Professional services enabled delivery, customization, integration & support 2) Built-in connectors for integration with Enterprise Applications 3) Ease of use, enterprise scale and security
  • Quality Control & Workbenches
    1) Intuitive GUI Workbench for guided manual review with feedback loop 2) Performance analytics dashboard for effective Quality Control 3) GUI based orchestration workbench to create custom workflows and flexible custom post-processing


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