Minsait Onesait Language

Minsait Onesait Language

Minsait's Onesait Language is a Software as a Service product that uses NLP and AI to automate the processing of huge volume of documents, written in natural language, handled manually and repetitively by employees. The users can load legal documents to Onesait Language through an intuitive graphical user interface and it will automatically classify and extract the relevant information from them. The user can export the result in any file format to import the information to other systems. As a result, it reduces average time spent classifying legal documents up to 80% and the extraction of relevant information up to 40%. Onesait language creates more business opportunities by allowing the employees to bid for more tender offers thanks to the availability of more time produced from the automatic classification and extraction of data.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Automatic detection of document type and automatic classification
    Capable of reducing manual document classification time by 95%. Pre-trained models in the Real Estate, Mortgage banking, Tender Bidding Offers, Claims, Regulatory Banking and many more.
  • Automatic extraction of information
    Capable of reducing the time to extract relevant information from documents by 60-80%. Capacity to create new working algorithms quickly for a quick start.
  • Intuitive user workspace/document annotator or consumed via API
    User-friendly workspace accessed via any web browser as Onesait Language is hosted on cloud. Our solution has the capability for the user to annotate the contents of the document and validate the extracted information.


WorldwideIntel® Xeon ScalableCSP - Microsoft AzureOn-premise (Private Cloud, Other)TensorFlowCross-IndustryGovernmentProfessional and Business ServicesModels can be trained - requires labeled dataAI Software/SaaSLinux RNNDocument ManagementDeep Learning