Matroid makes Computer Vision Simple, by providing a studio to create, combine, and use computer vision detectors, without programming. With the Matroid studio, users can create computer vision detectors that recognize the people, events, and objects you're interested in. These detectors allow users to monitor streams of video in the cloud and on-premise with real-time alerts and analytics, without hiring a developer. Matroid can leverage existing cameras, process on cloud or on an on-premise workstation. Usecases : Employee Safety by visually checking for equipment: hard hats, goggles, vests, or that your workers aren't approaching dangerous vehicles or about to be hit , Monitor your building, campus, or office for intruders or other unwelcome threats, Search for your favorite TV personality visually, or get analytics on the gender distribution of a TV channel, all with a few clicks etc.,

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Matroid Collection Search
    Search billions of visual media files in milliseconds, either by image or detector scores. With Matroid Collection Search, the control is in your hands: you choose the media to search and the detector to search it with.
  • Auto Annotation
    Spend less time annotating data and more time using your detector with auto annotation. You can run a detector on your training images in the Matroid studio to speed up the data annotation process.
  • Composite Detectors
    Add localization to your natural imagery detectors without additional training. You can now combine classifying and localizing detectors to create composite detectors.
  • Matroid On-Prem
    Interested in running Matroid in a secure environment? You can access all of Matroid's training and monitoring functionality in an offline environment with Matroid on prem.



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