Malong ProductAI- Visual Product Search & Tag

Malong ProductAI- Visual Product Search & Tag

Malong's ProductAI® provides state-of-the-art APIs and embedded systems for visual product recognition based on artificial intelligence. This technology enables the machine to "see" products like a person can – recognizing them holistically, without the need for barcodes. The ProductAI® platform makes this technology readily available to any business to enable high performance image retrieval and auto-tagging for products, such as fashion, furniture, textiles, wine and other food & household retail items.. The company also offers microscopic and x-ray level product recognition for manufacturing quality checking and bagging scanning scenarios.The ProductAI® team is committed to offering the highest accuracy and speed of any product recognition PaaS on the market today. ProductAI® has been battle-tested by billions of API requests in production, trusted by hundreds of enterprises, reaching over 100 million end-users. The platform offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



    Enables developers to get a private API to their own high-performance product image search engine. ProductAI® utilizes deep image retrieval models which are architected and trained specifically for select industries
    Enables developers to automatically annotate product images with relevant information just like a human labeler can do, but with sub-second speed and a fraction of the cost.
    The ProductAI® API is elegantly designed. Simple and secure language-specific SDKs have been created for Python, PHP, Java and C#, and open sourced on GitHub. We believe in the beauty of clean, well-documented and intuitive interfaces.
  • ProductAI® SDKs
    ProductAI® SDKs enable using ProductAI® APIs easily in the programming language of your choice. You can use our SDK to send image queries and maintain your datasets.


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