Magic Data Annotator 5.0

Magic Data Annotator 5.0

One-stop training data annotation and management platform; multi-model annotation, user-defined modules, visual management, and intelligent annotation and quality control are applicable. Companies collect a significant amount of data that emanates from their business operations on a daily basis. This data will be targeted to improve the performance of the model in a specific scenario. Magic Data Tech provides privatization deployment services, providing efficient and customizable data labeling services while fully ensuring data security for enterprises.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Multi-Model Annotation
    Multi-model annotation tasks can be set based on demand; raw data and pre-processed data can be annotated simultaneously or separately.
  • User-Defined Modules
    Multiple functional modules are available for the users to choose according to their needs in workflow and tasks assignment. One-stop service together with customized management setting in various fields are applicable.
  • Visual Management
    Diversiform visualization interfaces can improve the efficiency of project control, staff management, data management, etc. More visualization functions can be developed.
  • Intelligent Annotation and Quality Control
    Annotated data of diversiform can be recognized; based on pre-set criteria, data classified according to quality can be automatically recognized and forwarded to different personnel for quality control. Quality control ratio can be set according to d


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