Lilt AI-powered translation platform

Lilt AI-powered translation platform

Lilt platform’s core technology is an interactive, adaptive machine translation system that learns in real-time from human feedback and/or existing translation memory data. Adaptation allows the system to progressively provide better suggestions to human translators, and higher quality for fully automatic translation. Lilt is the vetted technology that can quickly and accurately translate massive quantities of mission-critical content. Lilt's system improves over time as it ingests more content, training its machine translation models and adapting as linguists process particularly challenging work like technical terms and jargon, making it a strong fit for technical translations. Once the system has been trained on a technical term, it will automatically be corrected in future translations, saving time for analysts. Lilt's patented solution has been proven to reduce translation errors by nearly 70 percent and helps analysts become three to five times more productive.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Drives Efficiency
    Lilt's NMT engine makes translators who use Lilt significantly faster and more efficient at their jobs, enabling them to translate 3-5 times more content than they could with other solutions.
  • Constantly Learning
    NMT engine is constantly trained and retrained to produce quick and accurate translations, and each word translated on their platform helps the system get smarter over time.
  • Trains on Your Content
    They make copies of their NMT engine and train them on your company's content, enabling our predictions to quickly get specific to your content, brand, tone, and voice.
  • Powered by AI
    Unlike other solutions, Lilt's team of researchers has built the latest advances in AI and machine learning right into Lilt technology, so every one of our customers gets access to cutting-edge AI solutions.


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