JLK Inspection AI-based Medical Image Processing

JLK Inspection AI-based Medical Image Processing

JLK Inspection’s MobiDo-x is a portable medical diagnosis platform that helps mobile providers perform on-site X-rays in remote areas. Early detection of Tuberculosis is critical to successful recovery from the disease, but there are significant barriers to screening for miners and others who live and work in remote areas. In a typical scenario, a medical vehicle transports the X-ray machine with integrated MobiDo-x to a remote mine. Dozens to hundreds of miners can be screened within hours, with no need for an on-site radiologist or internet access to transmit images. Instead, JLK Inspection’s AI models analyze the X-rays on-site to identify any of 15 lung abnormalities, including TB and other respiratory illnesses. The platform was developed using training data from more than 1.1 million chest X-rays provided by the Korean National Tuberculosis Association.

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  • AI-based diagnosis support system for 37 different diseases
    Automatic classification, segmentation, and detection of various diseases and lesions
  • Seamless connection with PACS
    Fully connected with existing PACS system in hospitals network


Combatting Covid-19 Korea Other - Asia Pacific Intel® Core™ Processor Family On-premise (Private Cloud, Other) TensorFlow Healthcare Models cant be re-trained - Inference only AI Appliance AI Software/SaaS Linux Windows Intel® Distribution for Python Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit Proprietary Medical imaging, analysis and diagnostics Deep Learning