Irisity develops the highly accurate and precise video analytics software IRIS™, to enhance surveillance efficiency while safeguarding personal integrity. Cameras constantly generate immense amounts of data. By letting IRIS™ tirelessly sift through thousands of hours of streaming video in real time operators can focus their attention on the mere seconds of truly important video. IRIS™ currently serves a wide range of security applications for clients all over the world; including security companies, camera manufacturers, school and public spaces, rail operators, construction sites, critical infrastructure and overnight monitoring of the elderly in their homes. IRIS™ detect human activity at long distances during all light conditions down to 10 pixels only. Apart from this core product Intrusion detection, IRIS™ also offers a wide range of specialized algorithms such as Fall detection, Violent behavior, Flame detection, Unattended objects, Loitering detection, AI Alarm Filtering, and Anonymization.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • IRIS™ Intrusion detection
    IRIS™ Intrusion detection is the core of Irisitys product. It classifies objects and instantly trigger alarms upon trespassing in restricted areas. The system is functional with multiple algorithms in pre-determined zones, during varying schedules.
  • IRIS™ Anonymization
    IRIS™ Anonymization uses patented technology and combines motion-and image-based human recognition techniques to make sure no person can be identified in the camera view. It protects integrity by de-identifying people in live and recorded video.
  • IRIS™ Violent Behavior
    IRIS™ Violent Behavior uses pose estimation to detect aggressive behavior and fights. The algorithm is developed for crowded environments such as train stations, airports, malls, and public areas.
  • IRIS™ Flame detection
    IRIS™ Flame detection are able to detect fires on long or short distances simply using ordinary color cameras. The algorithm alarms on flames visible in the view of the camera, based on a combination of techniques.
  • IRIS™ Unattended objects
    IRIS™ Unattended objects detects lost luggage and abandoned objects by constantly monitoring the scene looking for objects permanently placed in the view of the camera. Perfect solution for air and rail operators, as well as logistics scenarios.
  • IRIS™ Rail trespassing
    IRIS™ Rail trespassing is a specialized algorithm developed for rail operators. It instantly triggers alarms if someone or something falls on to the tracks. No alarms are issued for passengers entering or exiting trains or normal train activity.
  • IRIS™ Loitering detection
    Loitering detection uses a combination of human detection with time-based loitering functionality and will trigger alarms on continuous human presence in a zone over a set period of time. It is developed to prevent break-ins and vandalism.
  • IRIS™ AI Alarm filtering
    IRIS™ AI Alarm filtering acts as a virtual operator that actively filters out false alarms from traditional surveillance systems and third-party video and image alarms. It lets operators focus on real security threats by filtering out false alarms.



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