IFDAQ's Fashion & Luxury Predictive Analytics

IFDAQ's Fashion & Luxury Predictive Analytics

The IFDAQ redefines intelligent insights and predictive analytics for the fashion and luxury industry by providing a large range of expressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). IFDAQ’s values come from an intelligent AI-ecosystem that reflects the monitored industry in real-time within a high-dimensional virtual image, making it possible to measure fundamental KPIs, which could never be measured until now but have since ever influenced the success of businesses in the industry. Thanks to its multiple-awarded composite of smart quantification technologies, the IFDAQ enables us to turn a complex and unpredictable industry into a transparent and easy to understand data universe. In comparison to slow and expensive traditional market research, IFDAQ’s new expressive metrics visualize first-time insights into the industry’s spillover effects and cross-over impacts within a couple of clicks.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Industry, Market and Segment Analysis
    The IFDAQ Market Analysis gives an overall insight into the global, market and segment-leading fashion and luxury brands.
  • Global Brands, Segment and Product IPX
    Provides immediate market performance and trend insights in real-time. This enables the customer to retrieve the best performing brands and relevant entities but also to assess developments and changes in price segments and product assortments.
  • Brands Trend IPX (Brands-To-Watch)
    A wide range of Brands To Watch lists (Brands Trend IPX) that are segmented and composed of emerging brands that could be potential portfolio candidates for a department store.
  • Tailored IPX (for Department Stores/Multi-Brand Concepts/Retailers)
    The IFDAQ‘s tailored Segment & Store IPX indices compute the historical development of the current portfolio brands sold at a department store.
  • In-Store Brand Optimization (for Department Stores/Multi-Brand Concepts/Retailers)
    Recognize underperforming and overperforming brands to decrease, replace or expand the brand sales area.
  • IFDAQ BES (Brand Exclusivity Score - Competitive Store Analysis)
    The IFDAQ BES metric estimates and predicts the potential sales losses for a potential new or established brand store at a specific location.
  • Socio-Demographic Target Analysis
    Determines the segmentation of the buying power around the store, and compares it with the current brands portfolio. With this knowledge, we are able to optimize the potential of the store‘s brand portfolio.
  • Brand Intelligence
    MONITOR & ANALYZE: Explore the performance of 150K+ industry stakeholders in real-time. RESEARCH & PREDICT: Instant analyses and forecasts to spot new risks, chances and strategies. MARKETING INSIGHTS: Real-time marketing activity & ROI assessment.
  • Brand Strategy
    PLAN & SIMULATE: Predict and simulate the next campaigns and marketing plans. GEO MARKET ANALYSES: Analyse and evaluate the geographic markets before taking action.
  • AI-driven equity research
    INVESTMENT STRATEGY: IFDAQ's data functions as a supportive indicator to optimize investment strategies and decisions. PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: IFDAQ‘s performance indices provide a more accurate picture and regularly beat or confirm the Wall Street.


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