Hoobox's SADIA-X AI based ICU Monitoring

Hoobox's SADIA-X AI based ICU Monitoring

Hoobox SadiaX is a computer vision-based monitoring system for Intensive Care Units in hospitals . SadiaX is the first ever computer program capable of detecting 10 level of pain and agitation levels of a patient. With only one camera mounted on the ICU bed, the SadiaX can track patients’ behaviors to ensure their safety and comfort. SadiaX A.I technology captures and manages pain and agitation level in real time for any lighting condition. Also predicts risk factors for falls in hospitalized adult patients by capturing and analyzing the position and behaviors of the body. SadiaX tracks patients’ behaviors delivering valuable data to medical staff like patient’s bed stay time, unusual agitation, sedation level after medication, data about the patient’s comfort for pain management etc., SadiaX is a tech pathway to reduce length of stay and patient’s complications.

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  • Pain level
    The pain level is detected by the analysis of facial landmarks. Through the study of the movements of those landmarks, the pain level is estimated. Closing eyes and dilatation/extension of the mouth are examples of heuristics used. Camera is used.
  • Position of the user
    Using three classifications: Sitting, Lying down and standing. When the lying down position is detected, the analysis of pressure injury starts.
  • Pressure injury
    The solution is able to detect three classes of decubitus: supine, lateral (left), and lateral (right).


Brazil China (PRC) India United States Intel® Xeon Scalable CSP - Amazon Web Services On-premise (Private Cloud, Other) TensorFlow Healthcare Models can be trained - data input only required Models can be trained - online learning Models can be trained - requires labeled data Models cant be re-trained - Inference only AI Software / SaaS Linux Intel® Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (Intel MKL-DNN) Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit InceptionV3 Facial Detection / Recognition / Classification Deep Learning