Healthcare AI Platform

Healthcare AI Platform

John Snow Labs is a healthcare AI company recognized in 2019 as "AI Platform of the Year" and "AI Solution Provider of the Year" - for the combination of proven customer success and verifiable state-of-the-art technology. This platform covers the entire AI lifecycle from data collection through model building to operations, and comes with access to reference health & life science datasets and models. It has been hardened to meet the security & privacy needs of high-compliance industries and externally vetted by multiple Fortune 500's to process PHI data in both training and inference. The platform is heavily optimized using Intel's latest deep-learning hardware & software (benchmarks available). John Snow Labs developers and licenses this software platform, and also provides onboarding, operations, and implementation services.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



WorldwideCross-IndustryHealthcareAnomaly DetectionContent generationConversational Bots and Voice AgentsData AnalyticsDrug DiscoveryFacial Detection/Recognition/ClassificationFactory AutomationImage/Object Detection/Recognition/ClassificationMedical imaging, analysis and diagnosticsOtherPredictive maintenance and analyticsRobotic Process AutomationSmart CityVideo Surveillance and AnalyticsCSP - Amazon Web ServicesCSP - Google CloudCSP - Microsoft AzureCSP - OtherOn-premise (Private Cloud, Other)Intel® Xeon® Scalable ProcessorIntel® Core™ ProcessorIntel® Distribution for Python*Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*Intel® Optimization for PyTorch*Models can be trained - data input only requiredModels can be trained - online learningModels can be trained - requires labeled dataOtherLinux BERTDeep Speech 2Faster RCNNGNMTInceptionV3LSTMMobileNetNMTOtherProprietaryResNet50RNNSSDSSD-VGG16UnetVGG-19YoloDeep LearningMachine LearningOther