GlobalEdge Advance Driver Alert System

GlobalEdge Advance Driver Alert System

GlobalEdge Advance Driver Alert System provides a greater assistance through real-time detection and annotation of obstacles in the field of vision while driving. The solution enables a fast, responsive, reliable and scalable computer vision based obstacle detection and annotation system which can in future incorporate more features such as Impact/Collision warning and Lane detection at very high speeds using simple cameras. High frame rates of detection at the edge which make real time monitoring at higher speed possible. Quick switching between cameras which are on different sides of the vehicle

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  • Real-time obstacle detection and annotation
    Deep Learning using Darknet and TensorFlow focused on creating real-time obstacle detection and annotation systems using Darkflow Deep Neural framework.
  • Lane detection
    Fine tuned Algorithms to identify road lanes and lane features from a vehicle’s dashboard camera. The ability to identify and track lanes for driverless vehicles


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