Gestoos App

Gestoos App

As a leading provider of embedded computer vision and deep learning solutions, Gestoos bring detection of gestures and human behavior recognition technology to various equipment and industry. The technology is a computer vision Artificial Intelligence solution that understands and responds to natural human behavior, from explicit hand gestures to implicit expressions and movement. Gestoos enables very high precision tracking of any shape, object and space to allows users to interact naturally with any device, software solution or application. Gestoos App allows users to interact freely using gestures connecting each gesture with a command or shortcut to the apps installed on a computer. It provides easy touch-free interaction and can be Integrated with other Voice Artificial Intelligence systems. Configuring gesture interaction within an application is very simple. Just choose the gesture and then type the shortcut that you want to perform once that gesture is detected.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Gestoos technology within the Gestoos App:
    Control with gestures any application installed on your computer: • Add any application that you want to control with air gestures. PowerPoint, Skype, Spotify are just a few examples. • Assign static or dynamic (moving) gestures to each application.


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