Flutura 's PCB Defect Detection

Flutura 's PCB Defect Detection

Flutura 's PCB Defect Detection is a real-time system with automated failure analysis of PCB manufacturing on CPU. PCBs are prone to a variety of defects that impede proper manufacturing; costing companies money. Defects such as shorts, spurs, mouse bites, breakout, etc. cause issues like current leakage and open circuits, quickly degrading performance or rendering PCBs useless. There are multiple defects to detect, extremely low tolerance for errors, and significant expertise required to reliably recognize and handle flawed units. Considering the time to train new analysts, and the cognitive load required to ensure reliability, an automated solution to detecting and classifying defects in PCBs is in demand. Their solution allows real-time defect detection in PCB manufacturing as opposed to risk-based quality control. Manual visual inspection scales only by adding more trained human resources which is difficult during peak loads.

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  • Low Latency
    Flexibility in Xeon systems to choose between higher throughput versus lower latency by varying the number of streams making it ideal for batch processing or transactional workloads


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