Flutura's Cerebra - Vision Analytics - IIoT

Flutura's Cerebra - Vision Analytics - IIoT

Flutura's Cerebra is an AI Platform tuned for IIoT, powering use-cases across the asset and process heavy industries. The platform has the capabilities to integrate video analytics, image analytics, heuristics, ML & DL based models to generate insights. Cerebra's welding defect detection AI module locates and marks the area where there is a high probability for defective welding using radiology images taken through Non-Destructive Testing techniques in a welding plant. Imaging applications with complex computations such as X-rays require a high-end compute to handle the data and its computation, so the Cerebra platform takes advantage of Intel Xeon Scalable Processors to crunch the data. 15 types of welding defects are detected with higher accuracy. The platform also has the capability to detect and report unidentified objects found at the worksite which is critical to ensure safety at the workplace.

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  • Cerebra Vision - Detecting Welding Defects Through Radiological Images
    Welding defect detection through image analytics, human safety equipment violation alerts, edge video analytics real-time object detection


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