Entropik Emotion Detection and Analytics

Entropik Emotion Detection and Analytics

Entropik's Affect Lab application enables brands to conduct consumer behavior research & measure consumer’s responses towards media content, advertisements, product design, UX/UI and other brand communication materials. Combining the emotion recognition tech and AI models, cognitive & behavioral parameters such as attention, appreciation, attentiveness, along with cognitive parameters like happiness, boredom, familiarity, etc., are captured

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  • Facial Expression Analysis
    Facial expression analysis is a major challenge and companies were not able to understand customers' emotions with their product range. Entropik's model measures 68 major points on the face while capturing both macro and micro-emotions.


Worldwide Intel® Xeon Scalable CSP - Amazon Web Services Caffe Arts and Entertainment Cross-Industry Education Retail Models cant be re-trained - Inference only AI Software/SaaS Linux Intel® Distribution for Python Proprietary Facial Detection/Recognition/Classification Deep Learning Machine Learning