Embold - Intent Classification for Codes

Embold - Intent Classification for Codes

Embold creates tools for developer productivity and security. Generating descriptive comments for code blocks in languages like Python & Java helps organizations to maintain proper documentation of business processes and improve the code quality. Reverse engineering the code to generate a natural language description of the function helps reduce the development cycle by reusing known functions in the organization. From an operational perspective, the latency requirements of such systems are sub-second to be responsive to customer requests in real-time.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Security checks on the codes
    Embold finds critical vulnerabilities, such as memory leaks, in your codebase.
  • Anti-patterns detection
    Embold detects up to 30 types of structural design issues (anti-patterns) in your code base.
  • Code issues identification
    Embold applies hundreds of common and unique rules to help keep your code bug-free.
  • Metrics
    Embold uses several metrics, like cyclomatic complexity and coupling between objects, to measure your code quality.
  • Duplication detection
    Embold automatically identifies duplicate code and tells you how it impacts your code quality.


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