Domino Data Science Platform

Domino Data Science Platform

The Domino Data Science Platform accelerates the data science lifecycle by providing a unified architecture for model development, deployment, and management. The Domino Data Science Platform removes DevOps pain with one-click, unlimited compute and parallel experimentation and eliminates re-work and painful reconstruction with easy experiment reproducibility anywhere along the lifecycle . It helps to reduces deployment friction with self-service model delivery and enables visibility throughout the lifecycle across all projects, their human, software, and hardware resources, and results . The platform leverages the performance acceleration of Intel® Distribution for Python* to experiment faster and build models faster on Intel Xeon Scalable processor . Domino Data Lab delivers a data science platform that gives data scientists, managers, and technologists the resources, tools, and visibility they need to extract value from models on their organizations' journey to become model-driven.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Open and safe access
    Open and safe access to any tool, data set, and compute helps accelerate research, keeps environments auditable, and prevents tool lock-in or shadow IT.
  • Full lifecycle functionality
    Full lifecycle functionality within a Lab and Launchpad, exposed in Control Center, accelerates model deployment and creates transparency across the entire portfolio.
  • Complete model reproducibility
    Complete model reproducibility inside a Knowledge Center eliminates duplicate work, creates a knowledge flywheel, fosters cross-stakeholder collaboration, and enables rapid model iteration and delivery.


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