Digital Threat Detection & Protection

Digital Threat Detection & Protection

The ZeroFOX Platform ingests billions of data elements from hundreds of external digital sources ranging from social media platforms to the deep/dark web. Employing the industry’s most advanced AI-powered engine, the SaaS-based platform analyzes text, images and video, at internet scale, to identify and remediate threats. The solution running on Intel® AI technology facilitates faster time to insights, reduced likelihood of timeouts for the model service resulting in more images being analyzed and helps service additional customers. The platform then removes malicious content by executing takedowns - removing impersonating accounts, domains, apps and more before they impact your business.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Dismantle & Disrupt Targeted Digital Attacks
    By identifying and disassembling their investment, halting fake accounts, removing spoofed sites, etc., we raise the cost to attackers and disincentivize them from targeting your followers and spoofing your people, organization, brand and products.


Worldwide Intel® Xeon Scalable CSP - Amazon Web Services Custom/Other Cross-Industry Models can be trained - requires labeled data AI Software/SaaS Linux Compute Library for Deep Neural Networks (clDNN) Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit Yolo Image/Object Detection/Recognition/Classification Deep Learning Machine Learning Other