Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Avaya Conversational Intelligence

Avaya Conversational Intelligence is an innovative, end-to-end AI solution that automatically transcribes voice interactions into text, so contact centers can improve the customer experience they deliver and create loyal customers. Avaya Conversational Intelligence substantially reduces after-call agent work, summarizes interaction details into actionable intelligence, initiates workflow actions and records voice interactions to assist with regulatory compliance.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Deliver a Better Customer Experience
    Enables agents to focus on customer conversations that build customer and brand loyalty by reducing or eliminating after-call work.
  • Get More Value from Customer Conversations
    Turn unstructured voice conversations into actionable intelligence that can be used to streamline service processes and improve agent performance. Share customer intelligence from voice conversations across the organization.
  • Streamline Processes with Workflow Triggers
    Initiate workflow actions triggered on a variety of parameters including spoken words, call characteristics, customer and agent sentiment to improve agent and operational performance.
  • Increase Agent Productivity by Reducing After Call Work
    Reduce agent after call work by 30-50% by automating post call reporting and other form-fills like CRM inputs; reduce after call manual entry errors.
  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
    Record 100% of calls; get supervision on demand with full visibility when you need it; PCI and HIPAA certified.
  • Call Summarization
    Whether within a single call or across thousands of conversations, annotation capabilities automatically consolidate conversations into key points for faster understanding. Easily spot call trends with a dynamic Cloud word map.


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