Autonomous Store Solution

Autonomous Store Solution

Building upon computer vision, deep learning and multi-sensor integration technologies, Cloudpick developed proprietary patented behavior recognition and product learning algorithm engine Cloudpick++, which is able to accurately identify product information and customer shopping behaviors, and provide “Grab & Go, cashier-free payment” smart retail experience to global customers. Cloudpick solution turned the traditional “brick and mortar” stores into highly digitized and intelligent cashier-free smart stores. Core technologies involve 1) multi sensor fusion (camera, weight sensor, etc. 2) IA based edge workstation on-prem inference; 3) 3D construction of physical world; 4) face, object recognition; 5) customer trip tracking and profiling (drive precision marketing.) Cloudpick solution also provides retailers with smart store management system that enables one-click control and management from mobile devices, making store management fun and easy.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Intelligent Product Learning
    No need for RFID; world-leading AI computer vision and multi-sensor fusion technologies enable product learning for on premise inferencing and analytics
  • Cashier-less Payment
    No queues, grab and go shopping experience, supporting mobile payments and credit cards
  • Cloudpick++ Data Platform
    Complete digitization of offline retail store data of customers, products, store layouts to support smart decision making and improve operational efficiency
  • Personalized Marketing System
    Accurately analyze customer shopping behaviors and preferences, integrate marketing strategies with omni-channel promotions, allowing personalized promotion activities
  • Regional Thermal Map
    Analyze the duration of the customer staying at a specific or location. Providing the merchant with better insights for procurement management and shelf display decisions.


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