Aivo's AgentBot

Aivo's AgentBot

Aivo develops customer support software solutions with artificial intelligence technologies that transform the way companies and customers interact. Aivo is the leader in Latin American with offices in nine (9) countries. AgentBot is Aivo’s core product. It is an automated omni-channel customer service platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically interact with customers across all channels, and can be integrated with Zendesk and Sales Force. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic is the core engine of all of Aivo’s products, responsible to generate word embedding and compute text similarity.

*Please note that member solutions are often customizable to meet the needs of individual enterprise end users.



  • Your customers use natural and informal language
    It is an AI solution that integrates human empathy and human-like dialogues in customer service communication. Its natural language understanding engine allows it to interpret conversational language and it learns from every interaction.
  • Design incredible and valuable experiences and let the conversations flow
    With conversational flows, you’ll be able to associate nodes in order to set up the process the user will follow until they get the information they’re looking for.
  • Create omni-channel experiences anytime, anywhere.
    What channels do your customers prefer? Provide the same experience across any text or voice channel. AgentBot’s middleware interacts with each application and adapts the answers to build coherent, evolving conversations.
  • Manage your knowledge simply.
    Learn from your customers, train your virtual assistant without any linguistic or technical skills, and solve their requests in real time.
  • Make better decisions. Improve your customer service.
    Monitor your performance through the wide range of quantitative and qualitative real time analytics and discover useful insights to help deliver better experiences.


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